Tuesday 21 July 2020

How to Shine a Little Light in Someone's Life

It's always nice to do something kind for someone else, but it's an especially good idea during the current
situation. Many people are still trying to keep their distance from others as much as possible,
which means they don't get to see their friends and family as often. Even when times are a bit
more normal, it brightens your day when someone you love does something for you just
because they're thinking of you. If you want to cheer someone up, you can do something to
shine a light into their life and put a smile on their face. So what can you do to show someone
you're thinking of them?

Have a Chat

A good chat can cure a lot of ills. A lot of people have recently been keeping in touch with their friends and
family over the phone or through video calls. When it's safe to do so, meeting in person for a
chat is always a nice idea too. But with modern technology, you have lots of ways to talk to
each other, including texting or messaging. Sometimes a chat with someone you love might
be scheduled, but on other occasions, it's nice to just strike up a conversation when you're both
free and have time to talk.

Pay Them a Compliment

Getting a compliment can feel like something you don't get enough of, especially when
it's spontaneous. You might compliment someone after they do something special or
make something for you, but when was the last time you complimented someone just because?
A simple compliment can brighten someone's day and make them smile, whether you tell them
that their outfit is nice or let them know that you're proud of them. It could be even better if it's
written down, maybe in a card or in a nice letter that they can keep and treasure for longer.

Surprise Them with Flowers

Flowers are a traditional gift to send someone when you're thinking of them. They're most often
sent on special occasions, but it doesn't need to be any particular day to send flowers to
someone. You don't need to wait until their birthday or until they're celebrating a promotion to
send flowers. And you can send flowers to men too! If you're not sure about flowers,
consider sending a plant that will last longer. Some people feel that flowers can be a little
wasteful, whereas a plant can be nurtured and kept alive instead of being thrown out after a
few days.

Send a Tasty Treat

Who doesn't like something tasty to eat? You don't have to meet up with someone to give them something delicious.
While it can be nice to cook or bake for someone yourself, there's also the option of simply
buying and sending them something tasty. A surprise package of Postal Brownies would put a
smile on anyone's face - as long as they love chocolate. In fact, you can find lots of sweet treats
that can be sent straight to someone's door. They're packaged to survive the journey so that they
will arrive at their destination intact.

Do Them a Favour

Doing a favour for someone can always help to lighten their load. There might be something
that you have noticed that they need to do. Maybe they've been putting it off or just haven't had
the time or money to do it. By helping them out, you could save them some time and make sure
they have all that they need. Maybe you could drop off some food for them or pop by to mow
their lawn. It's great if there's something that you know they need, but it's also ok to ask them if
there is anything that you could do for them.

Donate in Their Name

Giving money to charity is a nice thing to do at any time, and it's especially kind when times are tough.
As well as giving to charities that you support, you might consider giving a donation in someone
else's name. Ask someone which causes they would like to support or pay attention when they
share things on social media and talk to you about the things that concern them. By making a
donation in their name, you're doing a good deed on their behalf. It's a nice thing to do for them,
and you will also be helping another cause at the same time.

Send a Care Package

A care package could consist of various things, and it's a kind thing to send to someone at any
time. People can especially appreciate a care package if they're feeling homesick or need
some cheering up, or if they might not be able to run out and get things for themselves. You
could put some food and drink in a care package, whether it's purely practical or full of special
treats. A care package could also include some favourite toiletries or bath products, or maybe
some makeup. There are lots of things that you could include, depending on what the recipient
might like or find useful.

Recommend Some Entertainment

Enjoying something entertaining is often a great way to lift your mood. When you recommend
something to someone, it also comes with the benefit that you can talk about it with each other
too. It's fun to share something that you love with people you love - even if it's a bit
disappointing when they don't like it as much as you do! Recommend a film, a TV programme,
a book, a podcast, an album or anything else that you have enjoyed recently to someone you
know. This also works the other way around; if someone has given you a recommendation, check
it out and let them know what you thought of it.

Be There to Listen

A casual chat is fun, but sometimes people just need to have a cathartic rant or to let out
what they're feeling. Being there to listen to them, without offering any judgement or even trying
to offer advice, is a great way to be there for them. Sometimes you just want to tell someone
about what's making you feel sad or angry, or whatever else you might be feeling. Be there as
a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on without necessarily having to be an agony aunt.

Share Your Knowledge

Showing or telling someone how to do something is more than just being helpful. It can be a
great act of love. You might have someone ask you how to do something, and you can take time
out of your day to show or tell them. However, you don't have to wait to be asked to offer to
teach someone something new. You could help someone learn to do something purely
practical, such as repairing something at home, or you could share your knowledge of
something more creative, like baking or knitting.

Let Them Know They've Helped You

When someone you love has helped you out, make sure that you appreciate them. While
you're trying to be nice to them, they might have done plenty of nice things for you in the
meantime. Make sure that you recognise when they do something for you and thank them
for thinking of you. Knowing that you're appreciated can really lift your spirits. It's important
to remember that people need other people and that you can be someone who makes a
difference. By letting someone else know that you appreciate them, you can both feel good.

Lend (or Give) Something They Need

You don't always have to buy someone something if there's something that they need. Letting
them borrow something is a good way to do them a favour and show that you trust them. Of
course, there is always a chance that you might struggle to get it back! If you can afford to,
you might even just give someone something that they need. You might have a spare of
something, something you don't use, or maybe you're planning to replace an item. Consider
giving it to someone else before selling it or throwing it out.

Be Forgiving

Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to be forgiving. Obviously, there are
times when you need to hold them responsible for the things that they have done wrong. But
holding grudges isn't a very healthy thing to do. If someone has apologised for doing
something wrong, accepting their apology and moving on is a great thing to do. Or perhaps
they're rubbing you up the wrong way, without doing anything particularly hurtful. Instead of
letting yourself get wound up about it, you might just decide to let it go and hope you find them
less annoying another day. Being able to forgive can make your life better and can make your
relationships better, plus it can help you to be there for someone when they might need you

You can make a difference in someone's life, however small, in many different ways. Putting a
smile on their face could mean that they do the same for you when you need it.


  1. What lovely ideas and thoughtful things to do. It is nice to be nice.
    A little thing like having a chat or paying them a compliment can go a long way to make someone's day. x

    1. Yes as you know I have been feeling a little down about my current job role lately but at the weekend got a lot of nice comments from people about the role I am actually playing as well as compliments from the back shift supervisors who say they will miss me when I go back to my own shift as I am pleasant and useful to have around.


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