Saturday 18 July 2020

Project 366 week 29.

Housework, dog walks and crafting.


A work day, always manage to keep myself busy and there is always something I can do.

Here is a picture of Ziggy ( taken by her mum) holding some slugs she found in the garden. Her and Dinky both love creepy crawlies


Hubby needed to renew his driving licence as had it for ten years, did run out in March but had an extension due to the current situation. So went into the post office where they do the whole process for you, take you pic and send it all off electronically.
Also stuck our head in one other shop and  then went and bought fruit for DD1 and the kids.


After the incident last week I decided I can make my life easier, and hopefully help the next person a bit quicker and easier of it happens again. In Scotland currently we can apply to carry naloxone to be used in the event of an over dose of Opiods, It temporarily reverses the effect and buys you time until the emergency services turn up. I have an online course to do before I even consider using it and hoping to tap into a real course through the NHS at some point in the future. Not only do you have to know how to use it, have to consider the reaction of the person you are using it on. I carry epi pens so will just get into the habit of carrying this as well.


Had a few things to do in the town including picking up a repeat prescription so walked the dog along the river while we were there.

I finished knitting this little dog and then decided to brush him to make him fluffy and feel furry.


Started the morning doing some dusting and then ended up clearing out the corner next to my chair again which led to clearing all the stray crafting stuff back to where it should be in the front bedroom. Nearly ninety minutes later before I got back to the dusting.

Went to the recycling centre to drop off the old television and some cardboard boxes. Queue was about 12 deep when we got there but got in and out quickly enough. Staff were directing people which kept things moving quickly.

Went for a walk while there, when we  came back to the car this digger was being loaded onto the lorry so waited a few minutes so we could get out safely.


The car has had a wobble for a while and probably caused by the wheels, but when we got it MOT'd the garage did not have the facility to balance them for us. Coming home yesterday we were behind a van that offers a mobile wheel balancing service as part of what he does. So we called him today and he was cheaper than one of the other big franchises we had got a quote from. So got them balanced and all four had been off balance. Came to the door, done in about 45 mins and no hanging around a garage waiting.


Last week of late start at work. Spent the morning preparing something to eat at work, organise tea for tonight and tomorrow and then doing some knitting.

I asked Occ Health about hand splints but as this was during lock down then no clinics running to measure and make them. So got sent generic ones until such time as others can be made. Not very elegant, not very comfy but if they delay a carpal tunnel op then well worth wearing. Bigger side effect for me is they add to the general overheating of a menopausal woman!!

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  1. Eww! My girls used to love creepy crawlies when they were little but would not touch slugs. Well done Ziggy.
    Aww! What a cute little doggy you made. It looks fab.
    hahaha! It's always the case, you start off doing one job and find more to do. I started cleaning the cupboard under the kitchen sink the other day and ended up deep cleaning the kitchen and sorting all the cupboards. lol
    Those splints don't look very comfortable at all. I do hope they help though x

  2. Yuck those slugs! Good that she's not scared though. Anyone in a health emergency would be lucky for you to pass by - you'll be very well trained at this rate. Love the doggy.

  3. Yuck to the slugs. Gross. That knitted dog is so cool. Clever you can brush them all furry. I love the idea of having people come out to do the car. Mind needs booking for a Sept MOT and service. Usually have them done together while I'm round the corner from work, but working from home there's now nowhere in town I'd be able to go/want to sit for hours working. So will probably have to book it in for the MOT, hope it's ok and just walk around for however long it takes, then get the service done at the dealer because they'll collect the car and deliver it back again. Might make the school run hard if I can't borrow a farm vehicle to do that.

  4. That's good to get your car wheels sorted out so quickly and easily. I would never have even guessed that the little dog was knitted when he was brushed! Love the photo with the creepy crawlies. It's a shame children tend to grow out of being brave around insects.

  5. Love creepy crawlies. Well done Ziggy. What a cute little doggy, it looks fab. It's always the case, you start off doing one job and find more to do. I hope the splints help x

  6. No from me to the slugs, don't mind worms but slugs are horrible. Well done taking up further first aid training, hope it all goes well. Good job with the sorting the car out also. Love the knitted dog when it's been brushed

  7. Goodness, those slugs would make me scream. I cannot stand them, eeek. Love your knitted dog, it is adorable. Those splints don't look comfy at all, and wearing them in the warm weather is not fun. You're so clever with the first aid training.

  8. Wow Ziggy is brave. I’m fascinated by mini-beasts but I don’t think I’d want to hold a slug! I love your little knitted dog. Glad you managed to get your wheels balanced. Carpal tunnel is horrible – I suffered from it during pregnancy. Hope the hand splints are helping, but yes I can imagine they're not fun to wear in warm weather. #project366

  9. Zach had to wear a splint when he broke his wrist last year, not fun! My kids would run a mile from those slugs... I had to get my photocard licence sorted last year and it was soooo easy at the PO #project366

  10. Oh gosh the slug photo made me cringe. I can't handle the slime of slugs!

    The knitted dog is great. I never knew that wheel balancing could be done at home! So convenient

  11. We have SO many slugs at the moment. Keeping them away from my fruit and sunflowers is a problem. That dog is cute. I love how you brushed him up

  12. Gosh that's quite brave I don't fancy holding slugs myself! Your knitted dog is very sweet. Good luck with the online course its good you want to do your bit to help people, well done! x

  13. Ewwwww to the slugs, I really don't like them, probably as they congregate outside my back door and I have trodden on a few

  14. The knitted dog is lovely and I much prefer him brushed and fluffy. Hope the splints are helping and that you are at least getting some benefit from them. I often find mobile services are much more reasonable. x

  15. Woah thats alot of creepy crawlies. It's great that you're training yourself to give first aid to people in emergencies. The knitted dog looks adorable, both frizzy and neat. Interesting looking splint


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