Saturday 4 July 2020

Project 366 weeks 24 - 27

This has been a slight pivotal moment in the life of my blog. Will I keep it going or has it had its day? Why you ask? Well nothing is happening, there are no days out either alone or with the grandchildren to write about. No fun, no exploring, no holiday...nothing that should be happening so what is the point in boring you all with my tedious life when I am sick of it myself? DD3 pointed out to me this week the very point of writing up this month is exactly that, to look back on the time the world stopped and grandparents and grandchildren cannot give each other hugs.

We are into week 14 and while the government has been easing the lock down there are still restrictions in place. We are still only suppose to be going five miles or so from our homes, though this will be lifted on 3rd July. We only suppose to be shopping for essentials although on Mon 29th June here in Scotland they did reopen none essential shops with plans to open beer gardens on the 6th July. Though worryingly, but not unexpectedly, a lot of areas in England have been relocked down due to a rise in figures and deaths.

Shielding people are still expected to be shielding until 1st August but can now go out for exercise as long as they are still socially distancing and wearing masks if they wish to go shopping.

The travel restrictions mean that we can not go to Oban and they cannot come and see us. We are hoping a few more places open public toilets and that we can meet up half way for a few hrs, but seems a long way to go to still not to able to cuddle the grandchildren. Roo is now nearly18 months old, 50% older than when we last saw her at just under a year, growing and changing so much and by now I doubt she recognizes any of the family from either side.

The fact I work in a hospital still means I am a risk to Bob, be it a limited risk, it is still too big a risk to even go out with them outdoors for the day as the wee ones may forget and come to hold my hand or such like. DD1 has started taking them out to quiet places round and about but even this is making Bob very anxious and he is overly paranoid when out. 

As far as work is concerned this week it has changed again as due to the new government guidelines I am pretty much restricted to cleaning corridors, door handles lift buttons and the like, not allowed into any clinical areas, due to my allergy with the available face masks. Some weekends I could compete with The Bloody Baron from Harry Potter.....stuck haunting the corridors. It is not a an easy option either, some days in my 6 1/2 hour shift I can walk seven miles with hundreds of active minutes. But thankful still to be at work, and my contribution might not seem much but keeping the touch surfaces clean needs to be done. 

Our weather has varied from 30 oC, far far to hot, to needing jackets as it was cold, wet and thundery. 

So in the last four weeks I have worked, walked the dog, crafted, listened to audio books and watched tv and that is as exciting as it has been.

Just sharing a selection of pictures with you in no specific order.

Dinky likes beasties

Spud tree climbing

school sports day 

ready for their online dancing show. 

Ziggy with newish puppy Arlo. 

more sports 

bed head Roo 

Ziggy pushes Roo in her baby walker

squirt  the dog 

ten toys for the five local grandchildren. 

some knitted flowers 

finished Bob's otters and framed it 

a pom pom bird

an order from Pop up designs, something different to do

nice bright flowers 

wild raspberries 

spot the rabbit's tail in the middle of the picture

the twenty odd feet of stones are well covered by the rain we have had

Dixie jumping around the rocks at the beach

one 6 1/2 hour shift at work, nearly none stop. 

formatting the computer 

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  1. Ohh! Don't you dare stop blogging. It is an important time, you are recording a bit of history that your great, great grandkids will probably be studying for their GCSE's.
    I keep forgetting you are up in Scotland and your rules are different to ours here in England. I think we should be following your rules. Have you seen the idiots out causing chaos at pubs in London. Eesh!
    It must be so hard knowing you could be a risk to Bob because of your job. I am glad you're back at work after you allergic reaction. You are playing a big part in keeping people safe. It might not seem like much but you are doing your bit.
    Lovley photos. The grandkids look like they're growing up far too fast.
    I hope formatting the computer didn't take too long. I have a HP and everything I seem to do on it takes forever. I wish I could afford to get a fancy new one. x

  2. Don't stop blogging. I know what you mean though - I have found the weekly post a struggle at times as it's difficult to find things to talk about. I keep thinking people will get bored of gardening, books, cooking, etc.
    Cleaning the corridors sounds like a necessary job, although possibly a bit boring and all those miles!

  3. Great shot of Dixie on the rocks and love the knitted flowers. Very cute. Looks like the children are keeping themselves entertained - love the idea of sports day.

  4. Gorgeous photos of the grandchildren. I think DD3 is right, don't give up blogging - it's a unique time and it will be good to have a record of it. Sorry to hear that Bob is feeling anxious about going out, that is understandable. Also sorry to hear that it's been so long since you saw Roo. She must have changed so much in that time.

  5. It’s hard isn’t it to write about what’s going on in your life when most days are much the same due to lockdown but I agree with DD3 that it does also capture this time when normal life has been put on a long pause. I can imagine it must be so hard not to be able to see or hug your grandchildren and miss part of them growing up. The photos of your grandchildren are gorgeous – I love the online dancing show and the sports day and Roo with her bed hair is so adorable. I love seeing your creations too – the pompom bird is very cute. That’s a great action shot of Dixie jumping the rocks on the beach. #project366

  6. It is hard to keep blogging when you feel you are writing the same thing, but it is nice to keep a diary, it'll be important one day. Here's hoping our lockdown rule easing goes better than in England. I don't understand people so desperate for a drink. Such lovely photos. The grandkids look like they're growing up far too fast. I hope formatting the computer didn't take too long x

  7. I did debate whether to stop project 365 as not a lot happening..but its there to look back on in the future and remind us of lockdown.

    Love the pic of Dixie on the rocks!

    Cleaning the corridors is important and you are doing your bit to keep us safe!

  8. The images are fab! Lots of smiling faces and gorgeous crochet and crafts!
    Don't give up blogging chick, we are totally all in the same boat, nothing is happening and there is nothing to report... but this all keeps us going! What have you been watching this week? Have you tried Snow Piercer on Netflix yet?
    You contribute a great deal at work chick, you are working to make sure everyone is safe and we are all grateful! Don't ever forget that! Sim x

  9. Don't stop blogging, Elaine! I've reduced the amount of posts I'm doing, and my Project 366 seems to be a lithany of moaning at the moment, but that's life. It must be so hard not to be able to see and hug your grandchildren, hopefully you'll be able to squeeze them very soon.
    You're doing a very important job - cleaning surfaces is paramount. Love all your grandchildren's photos from the last few weeks. The bed head Roo is super cute. Your knitted toys are a joy!

  10. Definitely don't stop blogging. Seeing other people going through the same "boring", repetitive things week after week actually helps me feel less guilty about the way our life has been lately, plus it gives us ideas of things to do. It will pick up soon (hopefully) and if it doesn't, well at least we have a place to moan about it on the blog ! Lovely to see all your craft projects getting finished off. Glad to hear you've found a solution at work, even if it's not overly exciting. At least you're still getting paid ... and walking all those extra miles is probably doing you good too :)

  11. Love the bedhead picture! I think I look like that first thing. You do as you please on your blog, don't worry about other people, I enjoy seeing what your grandchildren have been up too. I should really have organised a sports day for my two.

  12. I love all the happy faces in your pictures. I have restarted 365 to keep a record of what has happened and what we have been doing. I think you are doing an amazing job in the hospital, we have all done our bit but I think its people like you that get forgotten - hope you get to start seeing the grandchildren too

  13. I have been thinking about my blog and made some decisions to change bits (when I have time) but I understand your doubts: I gave up on my home learning posts as they were getting monotonous as so little was happening and the kids' interest in schooling was rapidly veering to zero. #project366

  14. I agree with DD3. As boring as it may be, it's one of the most important memories of our lives. Awww I hope you'll be able to meet your family soon. Here, everything except marriage halls have opened. Don't worry. Even a little contribution of yours means a lot.
    Lovely photographs

  15. I am glad you have decided to keep writing at least for now. I am sure we will all look back on this situation I am fully expecting my kids to study it at school at some point. Love the photo of Dixie and I hope you get to hug your grandkids soon x


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