Sunday, 21 May 2017

My Sunday Photo 21st May

We all remember the song "five little ducks" well here is my adaptation in photo form, ok only one lot are ducks and none come in fives but hey lets not be too picky......

I feel honoured to live in an area that is home to such a wide diversity in wildlife.


Saturday, 20 May 2017

Project 365 week 20

Been a horrible week I have to say, but my mood is happier than it was this time last week.


Been feeling really crappy the last few days. not ill enough not to be at work but glad I have not got an overtime shift. A couple of painkillers and fell asleep on the couch for over an hour.


Still feeling crappy and spent a lot of the day in bed. Did mange to write out some postal competition entries, mostly biggies for the tv competitions, a nice win would be much appreciated.

fingers crossed 

Lilly went to the vet for her tests. four xrays showing a mass on her left lung and an endoscopy showing very swollen tonsils. This accounts for her symptoms and her suffering. They are treating it as pneumonia at the moment with a secondary infection in her tonsils. A long lasting steroid injection and a two week course of antibiotics. Vet was not hopeful that is what it is as the lump was too consolidated normally pneumonia is not as solid a lump.
 I am convincing myself that is what it is but am not too hopeful. To go back in two weeks for more xrays to see how it is going, or take her back quicker if things do not improve.We need to get to the bottom of it for her sake cos her life is pretty miserable with it.
Have to say she deteriorated very badly over the weekend and I really did think I would not be bringing her home again.I left the vet surgery covered in dog hairs and in tears.  But I did bring her home.

hubby putting on her car harness 


Lilly is eating bits and pieces, very small bits but eating again which is good, swelling must be going down . Took her for a slow leisurely stroll round the fishery, she did enjoy a few short burst of running and tried to get into the pond after the ducks. She struggled to finish her walk so the short distance was a better choice than a big walk. One day at a time.

Lots of baby birds with their parents.


Been doing some sewing this week which I cannot share as it is being kept for a present. Looking good I have to say. Visit day today but no real chance for any photos or a walk round the area as we need to come straight back for Lilly.

Treated myself to a dash cam as I have wanted one for a while and I fancy filming our way round Arran at the end of the month. So it is up and running.


Lilly's improvement continues, as it has in the past, just hoping with the longer lasting steroid and the antibiotics we do not get a deterioration again at the end of the course of treatment.  Another short walk round the fishery, nice flat ground for her again.

wonder if they are singing "five little ducks" to the babies 


A bit of cross stitching this week, working on a cushion cover that requires smaller writing than I can cut out and applique so combining two skills to make this one.

using one of last years Christmas pressies.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

My Sunday photo.

Had some down time during a training weekend in Glasgow last weekend. Far to nice to go to the local watering hole and make small talk, so I went a wander along the Clyde walkway doing some geocaching as I went. Took a number of photographs, many of which will never see the light of day. But a camera is a handy tool when caching to waste time while the area clears so you can hunt again without looking too obvious.

The last one I did was at the Science Centre, itself shut by then, but crossing the bridge the reflections in the BBC Scotland building were amazing, and you got a different  picture depending on where you took it from.

with the river in front

zoomed in

from further across the bridge 


Saturday, 13 May 2017

Project 365 week 19


The conference itself is ok but oh boy their catering is letting them down. I liaised with them before hand  giving them the huge list of foods I cannot eat, which includes dairy, any uncooked fruit and veg, and apples no matter how they are done. So they offer me cream of tomato soup because cream is not dairy, they make me a dairy free apple crumble and add tomato and lettuce to my burger, not to mention my snack was dried banana chips and dates. No wonder I never go out to eat. It is very embarrassing having to keep saying no I cannot eat that, no that is no good etc.  Think when I go back for the second half I will take food with me or ask for beans on toast.
I could not sleep and so was playing silly with the lights on all the adjacent hotel buildings

 No gym run as DD1 is on holiday with the children. Made Lilly some scrambled egg and she did not eat it, so I put it out for the birds and watched them all fly off to their various nests to feed to their young.


Lilly is seriously struggling to eat again and so back to the vets it was. We thought we may have to have an emergency call last night to them but managed to get her through it. Another steroid injection but this time I have asked for tests so next week will be a general anaesthetic and they are going to x ray her lungs and  do an endoscopy. When she is feeling crap for some reason she seems to prefer to sit with me.


A walk with Lilly today. Just a short gentle stroll.  She has managed to eat this morning so that is a good improvement. Seems to have a bit more energy and is breathing better.


Been doing some sewing this week, got two pictures done. One of them  for Suzanne at Chicken Ruby. She wanted a multi coloured Flaming cushion cover so this was my design.


Down at the post office earlier and was watching the demolition of the old community centre, the new one is now in the new school along with the library. Impressed that all the stuff is being segregated into piles ready for recycling.


I entered a blog post on Coombe Mill into the #Trash2Treasure linky last month and my post won. This was my prize. Will need to see what I can use it for. Thinking along the lines of button pictures with the tape as a border or maybe some more hama bead art. But that will need to wait until my applique picture list is completed.

A mini adventure #countrykids

The other week Bob had another hospital appointment that his mum knew would involve having blood taken. Bob is not overly keen on this, though improving as he gets older, but she did not want to have to take the three wee ones in with her as it was easier not to. Normally I would have kept them at home and gone the park but I was doing holiday relief cover and was in the town and did not have enough time to get back before she needed to leave. So I arranged to meet her at the hospital.

Luckily enough we managed to find  parking spaces in the layby on the way into the hospital grounds which meant we were right at the start of one of the many man made walking routes round the hospital grounds.

We put Spud into her pram and I set off with her and the twins for an adventure. The path we were walking on was one of the ones we walked on a few years ago with the older two on the day the paths were officially opened. You can read about it here if you wish.  I have used the paths and walkways quite a few times since that day but never used this path as the others are easier to access and lead to a longer walk, this one is great for a short walk, takes about ten minutes, and so I was surprised to see some of the props that had been used in the treasure hunt were still there.

So having set off into the woods Minky decided he did not like woods and was scared. He spent a lot of the time either holding onto the pram or looking about him tentatively. No idea why it is not as though they were dark woods and they have been opened out with proper paths in them. Dinky was quite happy to run on ahead and climb on all the seats and look at plants and explore her surroundings.

We came across the big egg and Dinky was well keen to explore it, Minky did try to lift it but said it was heavy, and as it was a painted rock it was heavy.

We found the remains of the bug that had been there and we spotted the face carved into the tree, Minky really did not like that and said it was scary. We then came across the Goldilocks chairs. The older two had their picture taken on these by the official photographer on the opening day and the NHS have used the picture more than once on their advertising leaflets that tell you about the walk as well as in various press releases. You can see them in the bottom photograph here.  Minky would only sit on the same chair as Dinky on the way up he was not wanting to sit by himself for a photograph so a shared chair it was.

We carried on and came out out of the end of the path into an open field. Minky seemed much more comfortable being out in the open and they both ran off and picked flowers, I use the term flowers loosely as they still only really pick the heads and filled up the string bag on the side of Spud's buggy with them.  So we crossed the open space between two of the walks and carried on up the hill. This is a walk we often bring Lilly on much more open. The twins were both happy to run off up the hill and Dinky sat herself on each of the benches on their way up. The walks have a lot of benches but then it is a hospital walk and it is to encourage patients to get fresh air and exercise with their visitors,

They ran off up to the wigwam

and then up and down the hill

Love Minky's struggle back up hill at the end of the video.

As you can see Dinky has a stick, they both picked one up but Minky decided he did not want one on the way up but did pick one up on the way back down.

Then on the way back to the car Minky decided he wanted to sit on a chair by himself, though his face seems to tell a different story.

I think the forty five minutes we had was probably a lot more fun than it would have been waiting for their big brother in the hospital.

Country Kids

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Project 365 week 18


Breakfast is a very laid back affair for Ziggy. Terrible when I have visitors, they want to use my dining room table to eat at.....its not there for eating its there as the new home for my sewing machine and other related equipment,


Some bubble fun while her mum was loading the car to go home.


A walk along to bluebell wood with hubby and the dog He crossed the river to be amongst the biggest spread of them.


Got a wedding at the end of the month so was going to leave my hair until then. But I am away to a conference at the weekend so decided to get it done now.


The first bit of sewing I have done in a while. Just needs the hand stitching doing at the bottom now.


Away to Glasgow for a H&S conference. This was the sunset view from the hotel.


Once the training day was finished we had a while to spare before the evening meal, so I took a walk along the Clyde walkway to the Science Centre and did some caching and taking some photos on the way. Loved the reflection in the BBC Scotland building.