Saturday, 16 August 2014

Project 365 week 33 10th - 16th August.


Popped in to see the kids on the way home and Bob was sitting drawing an owl that he then covered in glue and glitter. Here it is before the glitter was added. 

pencil paper, glue and glitter = fun


Popped in to see them all as we had taken a walk down to the shop. They were having one of those family mad half hours. The two of them had been resting a jar of baby cream on their heads and the other one was trying to blow it off. Bob kept cheating and was knocking it off and it ended up in riotous giggles as only children can. Here was Fifi pretending to be a baby and sitting on her mums knee, so Bob decided he would as well, except they dont quite fit as well as the twins do.

cuddles and giggles


Decided to pick up a few random caches locally. This one is slightly different, stapled to a back garden fence, not sure what it tells you if you QR it as I dont have a qr reader on my phone. 

nothing to sign here


Was suppose to be children over night, but both the boys have got a tummy bug again, and had spent most of the day spewing and feeling rotten. Granddad also had it, as does the other granddad, so a lot of grumpy people around. Fifi was also being grumpy, didn't want to go the park, didn't want to go caching, didn't want to come up and bake, so she stayed at home and mumped. Think she is just nervous about starting secondary school next year.

So I did some baking myself.Made a chocolate cherry flavoured cake with vanilla butter icing and some sprinkles on. Some apricot and prune flapjacks, and a spicy peach and pear pie done like a swiss roll.

Took this half of each down to daughter 


Bob had a hospital appointment at 3pm, right at the start of visiting time, There are building works going on at the hospital and so some of the parking spaces are off limits. The car park is busy at the best of times so this does not help. So rather than take the twins with her which means she needs to find a large space so she can get one baby out each side and open the back hatch to get Bob out as well, I said I would take the twins.

Granddad and I had a brilliant afternoon without mummy and they played away quite happily. Bob was still feeling rotten and refused to cooperate with the tests they wanted to run.

Xander is into everything

Also have a video of them as well, boring to most of you but great memories for us. Granddad is laid in front of the marble hearth to save any accidents


OH was feeling better today and so we decided to go and take a walk and mix it with some geocaching ( as usual). Not been this far up Lanfine Estate for years. Nice to see the boars are still here and I have to say the wee piglets are very cute. Fifi would have liked these, but again didn't want to come with us. We covered 9km up hill and down again.


This came through the post, every household in Scotland got one. Lets hope we get a sensible result on this.

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  1. An action packed week. Baking looks yummy.

  2. Hope everyone is fighting fit again and you get the result you want from the referendum #365

  3. I wish my mum lived up the road to bake me for me like that! The geo caching has gone hi tech then?! Hope everyone is better soon.

  4. Love how much you are getting out and exploring with the geocaching. Hope Bob is better soon.

  5. still cannot get over how fast the twins have grown!
    how lovely of you to do some baking and take half of it to your daughter - mind you i am good at baking and then giving my cakes away too (saves me eating it all myself!)
    glad your hubby is feelign better so you could squeeze some geo caching in x

  6. I am loving that cuddles and giggles photo .. we occasionally get time times like this with the teen :-)

    I cant get over how big the twins are looking these days!

    I am loving the baking! x

  7. I love the photo of the two children with their mum. It does sound like a rough week, I hope you didn't catch the bug? I have a very grumpy ten year old who is nervous about secondary school too although he won't admit it. What outcome would you like to see from the referendum?

  8. I hope everyone is feeling better. The twins are really getting big x

  9. Baking and giving half away is the only way, those cakes look yummy. Looks like another good week Elaine, I love the piggies lol

  10. Goodness how much did you bake in one go! Cute seeing the busy twins.

  11. Those piglets are very cute :) Another busy week for you, hope everyone is fully recovered now. I'm gutted that I'm not there to vote in the referendum, it's tough for us non-resident Scots to watch from afar x

  12. Ummm cake, can I have some. Aaaaa scan that code it would drive me bonkers not knowing

  13. I've put the link to the QR code on twitter for you.. :)

  14. Oooh love the cake and flapjacks. Hope everyone is feeling better now!

  15. The Boy loves sitting on my lap and pretending to be a baby, finds it fascinating. Great to see so many family members in the photos this week.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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