Sunday, 31 August 2014

Project 365 week 35 24th - 30th August.


Not doing bad, had them for 24 hrs and got them eating out of hubbys hand. The only way we will get them free range is to train them to come back when something is offered to them.


Went out to get a few geocaches tonight. Had planned on going earlier in the day but the rain clouds kept making an appearance throughout the afternoon. But ot turned out to be a pleasant evening for a walk. Disappointed we only managed to find one cache and despite being out for nearly two hours I saw nothing different to photograph so never took any pictures at all, apart from this when we got back to the car.

a nice walk


Was a lovely evening, but had been busy all day and could not be bothered going out for a walk.  But admired the sunset from the back garden.

the tree at sunset 


I took Bob out for the day, we went to do some orienteering round a localish park. Did not manage too well with the orienteering but we found a cache, caught some bugs and used the bug viewer, found a pond Bob wants to go fishing in with granddad, and watched pond skaters.

Bob taking pictures of pond skaters 


Had the children to stay, and after tea we went put for a walk. Did not get where we had intended to go as the road was closed, so we doubled back and had nearly two hours of fun walking through a river, over hills and eating blackberries.

Fifi spotted a hole she thought might have been a rabbit hole. So here they are discussing how you look for grass growing in the hole to see if it is being used, and placing something light weight across the hole to see if something moves it overnight

explaining about holes 


I went to babysit the twins as they were not feeling well and mummy wanted to go shopping, so she left them behind with me. I picked Minky up when I went in as he was grumpy and he snuggled in with his sucky blanket and fell asleep. Then Dinky started moaning as she was tired too, so I got Bob to sit her up the other side of me, and she fell asleep as well. So that was me stuck for an hour and a half till they woke up again, Had taken my camera to take some pics but never got a chance to use it.

So instead you have got my age creeping up on me. We had taken possession of our new coop yesterday and I had a boot full of rubbish, and how well my husband knows that it was highly likely I would bring it all home again instead of dumping it. So I got left a note, on the radio inside the car. It worked I came home with an empty boot.

my note, works better than my memory


Yesterday had been an atrocious day weather wise, the rain was running in a river down the street most of the day. Bet my poor chickens were wishing they had webbed feet,  Today was a totally different day, dry, bright and sunny.
So here are the girls enjoying the evening sun just before locking up time.

a snack before bed time


  1. Love the chicken coup and your chickens. That Marvel cap is pretty awesome too! The rain got to everyone at some point last week didn't it! #365

  2. The chickens are looking nicely at home already. Sounds like you've had quite an active week with all that walking.

  3. I'd love to have chickens if we had a big enough garden. Love the sunset photo.

  4. Elaine i am so jealous i would love chicken, hubby wont let me :-(

    I leave my hubster notes all over the house or he wouldn't remember .. i am liking the idea of a post it note in the car :-)

  5. Everytime I read your project 365 posts I'm reminded how much I want to go geocaching with my kids!

  6. how wonderful to keep your own chickens and it sounds like it is going very well :)
    my ex and i used to leave post it notes around our home lol x

  7. Had to smile at the note.. I have to do the same.. if I didn't make notes I'd forget most things.

  8. I could do with someone leaving notes like that for me, I have such a terrible memory lately. I love those chickens, what a lovely thing to look forward to all those fresh eggs. I tried to talk my husband into having some but he wouldn't let me.


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