Saturday, 23 August 2014

Project 365, week 34, 17th - 23rd August


We spotted this rather large fungi whilst out for a  walk. 

stood nearly 2 ft tall


I told them if they lined up and smiled for me I would pop them on my blog, so here they are. We went out goecaching and these girls came over to see us. Found a couple we had failed to find on a previous occasion we were out, Experience certainly made them easier.

the ladies are famous now


Today was Fifi's first day at secondary school. So after school we went round to see her. Surprisingly she was not in. So instead I helped bath the twins. He was clean ten minutes before this picture was taken. 

a cheeky face

also got this wee bit of video, how cute is this? and you can't hep but laugh along with her!


Was our visit day to son No1. As usual we did some geocaching while we were in the area.   Found this piece of history in Sauchie that we would not have found had we not been caching.

This is a fantastic beam-engine house built in 1865 to pump water from Devon Colliery, of the Alloa Coal Company. The area was first mined in the 1840s and the last mined in the 1950s.

Devon Colliery closed and was razed to the ground many years ago. Only the beam engine house survives. It is a tall, rectangular building of high quality, with a hipped slate roof. The back wall has a large arched opening, partly timbered, through which worked the cast-iron beam of a Cornish pumping engine, built by Neilson and Co, Glasgow in 1865. The pumping engine was used to drain the mine shaft but only the beam and part of the pump-rod are all that survive of the engine.

a beam engine house in Sauchie


With the children being back at school they were available to stay over night. We did a few bits and pieces, went and played in the park, took A with us (but didn't have a camera). Over the last few weeks I have been picking up the card packs in Morrison's and so we played a few games of cards. 

playing cards 


With Fifi being at secondary school now she needs to be up a lot earlier. She got herself up at 6.30am, to get showered etc before she left here at 7.45 to catch the bus to school. A big difference this year from previous years. The village school has approx two hundred children where every child knows every other, and now she is in the largest secondary school in Ayr. She is liking it so far and is looking forward to the after school activities starting. 
It is a fairly new school with amazing facilities. 

wish she would tie her hair up


Here are the latest additions to the family. Have been wanting chickens since we moved in here last year, and today was the day. They currently are in temporary housing as their new coop is not being delivered until Wednesday, but if we didnt take them today it would be sixteen weeks until we could get more.

looking forward to tasty eggs


  1. My sons in the same boat, tiny primary school, starting MASSIVE, school in sept. I'm more worried than he is. Hope it goes ok for him. Yes she has A LOT of hair must be a fashion think. Would drive me insane if it were mine. Always think I must try geociaching when I read your blog then never get round to it. Lovely chickens! Will you names them? Eat them?

    1. they are named ( as we always do) by the colour of the ring on their legs (ie Mrs Purple leg etc) no we wont eat them, keeping them for eggs as once you have eaten free range it is horrible to go back to shop bought eggs

  2. I love how kids have the ability to ger so messy again in the shortest space of time.

    Bless her hair is just like my Emmy's

  3. Wow Fifi does have a lot of hair! Glad she's liking secondary school so far! The fungi looks a bit like a piece of wood! #365

  4. That's really exciting getting chickens. I would love them but don't have room where we live.

  5. Ooooh chickens :-) we have two and they are great and keep us stocked up with plenty of lovely fresh eggs! Looks like a busy week, I didn't realise the children went back to school before us. Have a lovely week x

  6. Love the chickens! I'd love some of my own but we don't have a big enough garden.

  7. Hope the transition is going well. Ours will be similar (few years away yet though) as our school is small despite being in the city. That beam engine looks very impressive.

  8. Cute photo of the cows...they posed well :) I love that cheesy grin photo.

  9. how wonderful to have your own chickens and be able to have fresh eggs each day :)
    Fifi looks very smart in her school uniform but what an early start to the school day! Cute video x

  10. Oh I would love some chickens! Great picture of the cows all lined up, and that fungi is huge!

  11. i am loving how you have made the ladies famous! lol lol

    my daughter refuses to tie her hair up and its so thick and bushy its all you see ... maybe one day we will see their pretty faces without being swamped in hair xx

  12. I like your chickens. Won't be long before you're enjoying eggs.
    We used to keep them when I was very young..

  13. I want some chickens too!
    Love the cow pic! It is like they wanted their pic taken! That fungi is huge!!!

    Happy birthday to fifi!

  14. I can't believe how grown-up Fifi is now, but saying that, look at the twins! I'm sure they were just newborns only yesterday. That beam house is wonderful, I love finding lost treasures like that.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, there's a new one live now.


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