Saturday, 1 November 2014

A new des res for the chickens

The last time we kept chickens they were free range, really free range, we lived on a farm and the girls lived in an old stable, we opened the door in a morning and they wandered off. They ranged over all the fields, in the cows buildings, in and out the barns and came back before dark. You would see them during the day as they came and went but we never really had to worry about room or space or chicken poop every where.

This time it is different, the four of them were in the coop we bought, and we started letting them out in the garden. The drawback to this is the fence between us and next door is down and our garden was not secure so we could not leave them unattended. We looked at buying them something to attach to their coop but it was finding something that would attach, so DH decided to build them a run to add on to their coop.

So we bought the wood, and it was all cut to the right sizes

fixed together into panels and painted

Next off we had bought our wire on a roll so this was cut to the correct size, the ends trimmed off to save damage to anybody

and then attached to the panels

some of it was stapeled with the gun and some hammered in to keep it more secure

  Once all the panels were made

the sides were all fixed together

doors were added

and bolts to secure the doors with

One side has a step down section to make it easier to access for cleaning etc

 and the roof was made in three sections, two of the panels and fixed and the last one lifts off to allow us in, again makes it easier for cleaning.

Here we go, finished, attached and being used.

 finally a roof was added to their original coop to keep their food dry

They now have lots of room to play, piles of leaves to rake about it, a log to jump up on and somewhere dry if they wish it, though they seem to be quite happy to stand out in the rain and get soaked.

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