Friday, 7 November 2014

Ruby Ann our Bonikka doll

We welcomed a new member into the family a few weeks back, meet Ruby Ann our Fair Trade Bonikka  Rag Doll.

Ruby Ann is 
The Bonikka Willettes are a fresh, engaging collection of modern day rag dolls who encapsulate all the values of their traditional sisters. From their beautiful broad smiles to the glossy twinkle in their eye, they’ve got individual personality and appeal. The Willettes are real country girls, in bold cotton print dresses, a fabulous mix of tactile fabrics and beautifully made boots and shoes. Long soft hair in funky bunches and pigtails and a lightweight but highly huggable body, make them the perfect companion for any child. We love them for their lanky, little girl look and the detail of design built in to these beautiful soft dolls.
The Willettes are 43cm tall and the body is made from 100% cotton, with recycled polyester wadding. Clothing fabrics may vary. They are suitable for age 0+ and conform to all European safety standards. Some larger items of clothing may be removable.

These dolls are made to a Fair Trade policy. We have all heard of Fair Trade coffee or chocolate so why not dolls? Well its nice to know we can buy toys that do not exploit worker. 

These rag dolls by Imajo are hand made in Sri Lanka. They are made in a factory which operates a fair trade policy, workers receive a fair wage and many other additional benefits. Holidays are paid as well as religious and bank holidays and female workers recieve maternity pay and their jobs a open for when they return. The materials are bought in the local area supporting the community.  Generally good all round really! 
 So I gave Ruby Ann to Minky and Dinky to see what they made of her.

Dinky inspects her pigtails

Minky chews her nose 

Who said boys cant play with dolls? Nonsense!! 

Mummy Dinky and Ruby Ann share a cuddle

Well as you can see my two little testers thought she was tasty and light weight enough to drag around with them. But they are too little to express an opinion and tell me what to write as the older two do so I will tell you what I think.

The doll is beautifully made. They are soft and cuddly. All the seams seem to be tight. The doll has nice long legs which adds to her charm, and makes her easier to drag about. The clothes are very pretty and well finished, and each one comes with a label to prove they are authentic.

her genuine label 

Her shoes are well attached as they need to be as the doll is suitable from birth.

her pretty shoes 

Her bobbles are stitched on so there is no chance of them being swallowed or choked on.

The hair itself is also well attached and stitched right through so it can safely be chewed again with no risk of it coming out. This adds to the charm of her piglets.

Lastly is her face. This is stitched so there are no small pieces to cause a choke hazard. She has a pretty smile which I feel adds to her charm.

There are various online shops you can buy the dolls on, and some of them sell different models.

Why not pop across and see if you can find one you like?

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