Saturday, 9 May 2015

Project 365 week 19


Today is fifteen years since the first geocache was placed in America and so if we found a cache we got an online badge on my account. So we went and looked for one we failed to find last year. We found it this time. It is near an old  weir and I liked the cogs, and thought they were a bit different than another river picture.

these appealed to me


This was hubbys breakfast, he had had another litre for his tea on Sunday as well. He was to go for a colonoscopy. Nothing sinister was found, diverticulitis,  thankfully just wear and tear. 

he says it is disgusting


Daughter No1 had seen a recipe for egg free meringues. They are literally made by using the drained water from a tin of chick peas and using as you would egg whites. The resulting meringue has an amazing taste. They are rather fragile and tend to crumble quite easily, but the ones that crumble can always be used to top a trifle or such like. 

egg free macaroons 


We decided it was time to make a start on vegetable for the Summer. So we planted four rows of potatoes, two trays of tomato seeds and one of sweet peppers. I also seriously thinned out both mint pants, they were struggling for space last year and were losing some of the quality. No wonder they were they were totally totally pot bound so seriously trimmed them back and just left five or six heads in each pot, seems a bit drastic but it is a prolific grower so wont take long to come back.

the repotted mint


Bob is working towards his hobby badge at cubs and is using geocaching as his hobby. So we have decided to get him putting some caches of his own out as part of this. I have received permission to place some on a local river walk. So tonight we went to look for suitable places to put them that is in accordance with the guidelines we were given. Think we have found good spots and will go back next week with the actually caches and place them so they can get published.

reading the sign on our walk


When I was out today I got a message to say there had been a new cache published. It is on a road end I pass to get home so seemed silly not to go and pick it up. A very rare first to find for me, that is a big thing in the geocaching world. I know I lead a boring life, three of my seven days this week are to do with caching. But then it is a good healthy outdoor pursuit.

I was being watched


Threw some crumbs out this morning, and dozens of little birds descended. So I grabbed the camera.
They did not stay long and time I got focused they were off again.  More than one of them was off to where we know they are nesting so an early morning feed some some babies.

feeding frenzy


  1. Those meringues looks amazing! I didn't know you could even make them without eggs!!
    Geocaching looks and sounds like such an interesting hobby!
    Great photos! I'll be back later to link up :D x

  2. Love the cogs too, they really catch your eye. That cow is certainly watching you!

  3. The other half is planting in the garden as I type! The meringues look interesting - I always wonder who comes up with these ideas to try different ingredients! I'm off to see if I can sort this code out now :)

  4. That's not a boring life! I think it's a great hobby to have. How exciting that it was the 15 year anniversary and that you were the first to find a new geocache :)

  5. Love hearing about your geocaching exploits - catch my Country Kids post next week for our first experience - I need your tips and expertise I think x #365

  6. Glad to hear your hubs is ok and nothing sinister was would lovely :-) ... those meringues look AMAZING! ..

  7. Well done on finding the elusive geocache

  8. Geocaching mad this week - I'm always tempted to have a go at it when I read your posts. It's just lack of time that stops me. Glad hubby's results were ok.

  9. those meringues look fab!! well done on finding the geocache, we must get back out and looking again x

  10. I really want to start geocaching - just got to persuade the family

  11. I have never tried egg free meringues! Please to hear there was nothing sinister found during your husbands check ups. Yay for homegrown veg! We love growing our own or should I say the hubby does and I'm the one who harvests and cooks the veg. Hope you have a good week x

  12. egg free meringues sound amazing Elaine next time i eat a tin of chickpeas i will reserve the juice and have a go!
    pleased to hear that your husband is ok in the bottom area :)
    homegrown veg is very exciting and something i want to do with my family, but alas i do not know when because i have no gren fingers!!! x

  13. Lol love the cow watching you. Happy to hear your hubby is ok.
    Those meringues sound interesting. I usually plant tomatoes but haven't done anything this year.

  14. Glad to hear hub is ok, my nan had to have that last week too :( she's ok though :) love the cogs and the geocaching thing sounds fun! I doubt there'd be any near us, we are so tucked away x

  15. I love the cow photo. I must confess I have never Geocoached (I think that is a word) one day we will have to try it. Glad your hubby is ok. Thanks for hosting the linky!

  16. I think geocaching is a great hobby to have, it's interesting and outdoors! Love the cogs, that's a great image.

  17. Glad hubby is ok, always an anxious time waiting to be told the results.
    Good luck with the new caches.


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