Friday, 1 May 2015

Looking for ideas on what to buy your guy?

It's a common assumption that men are difficult to buy gifts for. But getting the right gift for the special guy in your life doesn't have to be painstaking. Here are some great ideas that can start you off in the right direction

A new watch

Getting a good timepiece is a great way of showing someone you care. Watches are always useful, and they're one of the few stylish accessories that practically all men are comfortable wearing. Consider whether your special man wants something retro, high tech, or just plain chic to match his personal style.

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Workout equipment

If your man is interested in maintaining his physique, or perhaps even shedding a few pounds, then workout equipment might be the perfect option. A set of dumbbells is a good place to start - offering a versatile tool for upper body strengthening and toning. Alternatively, you might want to get him some more workout clothing, or perhaps a new holder pocket for his iPod, so he can listen to his favourite tracks while running.


Men can get a lot of pleasure out of simple cosmetics, such as moisturisers and aftershaves, but they might not necessarily go out of their way to buy them. Make sure your guy is well stocked up by getting a hamper of basic cosmetics, and perhaps consider getting a stylish case that he can carry his shaving equipment around in too. My husband never buys his own but waits for birthdays and Christmas and is very happy to receive them.

Something cosy
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Another option that men might not necessarily seek out themselves, but will definitely appreciate, is some cosy things to wear. A proper set of pyjamas is a simple gift, but one that shows you're taking care of him. You might also consider getting him a good pair of slippers, or even some cosy socks
and underwear. We buy each other slippers for our wedding anniversary every year.

Electronic cigarette kit

If you other half happens to be a smoker, and is looking to kick the habit, an electronic cigarette might be a good gift; it shows that you want to support him towards a new, healthier life. E-cigarettes are increasingly popular, thanks to a range of e-liquid flavours and more reliable chargers and vaporisers, so the chances are he'll enjoy having one.

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Some time away

As a final thought, a special occasion might be a good chance to surprise your guy with a trip somewhere nice. A night or two in a hotel can really blow the cobwebs away - and, of course, it means you get some relaxation time too.

All in all, buying gifts for your guy doesn't have to be difficult. Just consider these ideas, and go out and find something that feels inspired.

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