Saturday, 30 May 2015

Project 365 week 22

Another week of wondering where the hell the week has gone, one minute I was linking up last week and the next I am writing this weeks.
But I have my speech written ready, not overly long but long enough, don't want every body bored before they have listened to them all.


On Friday I oven cooked a load of vegetables and kept a pile of them for tonight's tea. Here it is heating up with the chicken ready to add to the rice.  Chicken fried rice with caramelised veg,very yummy it was too.

chicken and caramelised veg.


I watch the twins on a Monday evening and tonight when I went round they were playing in their ball pool. Took them up to my bit and granddad and I had fun with them. Dinky is improving and did not cry once she just kept telling us mama and waving goodbye.

in their ball pool


Had been in the town when we saw this bike in front of us. Could not read it but it is for Team Katy. They are using the bike and sidecar to do 4 corners 4 Alzheimer's.

Team Katy bike


Visit day today and we picked up a few caches while we were out. Hoped to get more but the weather and traffic jams were not favourable and this was the view from one of the two we found. Knew there were road works on the motorway so had hoped to go home a different way, but there had been two accidents on the route we intended to take and did not see the point in getting diverted so stuck with the traffic jams. Took over three hours to get home, usually do in in eighty minutes or less.

a nature reserve at Cambus


This is usually the night I have Bob but he was too grumpy too want to come so I took these two out instead. Down to the fishery and this time it was Dinky that found the puddles.
Took some video footage of them if you want a look.

puddles and smiles


Looking for something too take to work to eat in my break and looked what was in the cupboard needing used up and so came up with these. Very yummy they are too.


5 oz SR Flour
2 oz wheatgerm
2 oz oats
2 oz dairy free margarine
2 oz brown sugar
1 egg
7 oz soya cream
2 oz raisins
8 dried apricots chopped into pieces

 a healthier treat


This rusty heap is due an mot. It is 13 years old and we need to decide whether to mot it or scrap it and buy something else. A difficult decision as it drives well but we have decided to go down the mot route. Let's just say OUCH at the price.. Not sure how we are going to afford food and petrol all month so if you see any sponsored blog posts even low paying ones give me a shout please.

at least it still goes

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  1. the chicken with rice looks lovely. i think we should have a sneak peak at the mother of the bride speech lol

  2. We made a similar decision with our car at Christmas. It's a similar age to yours, but as it was low mileage and drove well (until the problems) we decided to keep it. So far that decision has paid off, but we are due the MOT next month. Last year it did pass though so we shall see.

  3. Love the nature reserve photo, so peaceful. The chicken fried rice sounds delicious!

  4. Aren't the weeks flying by? Your cooking and baking looks so yum! Mummys car is similar - but it's just got us to London and back :) glad your speech is done. Ickle pickle x

  5. The twins are coming on. Sounds like a good week and glad your speech is getting there x

  6. oh Elaine i feel your pain about the car, i have an old one too and this year new tyres alone set me back £350! I hope this month wont be too much of a struggle :(
    those cakes looks and sound yummy and i bet they were filling too with those oats. Still cannot believe how big the twins are - as you say, time is flying by too fast x

  7. Toddlers love the ball pools don't they! Love your baking, thanks for sharing the recipe. Sorry about the car expense!! Glad you have got your speech done.

  8. Cars. Seriously. Might as well just go to the mechanic and open your wallet or a vein or something but as you say at least it goes and gets you from A to B

  9. Love the photo at the nature reserve and you can't beat puddles :) Those muffins look tasty!

  10. The twins look like they were having fun in their ball pool! Love the sound of your muffins.

  11. Love the view at the nature reserve #project365


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