Wednesday 8 July 2015

Dairy Free almond yorkshires #SimplyEggcellent

I was on my friend Cheryls blog the other day when I saw a food linky, a #SimplyEggcellent linky run by @belleaukitchen over on Belleau Kitchen  and as one of the foods I made to eat last week included eggs I thought I would link up my recipe.

I like to make nutritional portable food because a lot of the week I eat on the go, and eggs are one of those foods that fit that category for me quite nicely. I do not eat egg white and so a boiled/poached/fried egg gets primarily wasted as I only eat the yolk and as the white is full of nutrition I like to make foods using the whole egg where the white is not obvious. A lot of the time the food I make is savoury as I am more of a savoury hand than a sweet tooth but need to ring the changes from pancakes and mini omelettes and so I came up with this recipe. Sorry there are no step by step pictures as I was not intending doing this as a recipe post. 

Your starting point is a basic yorkshire mix using in my case dairy free milk. I have used almond milk and flaked almonds but hazelnut or coconut milk would work just as well. 


200ml milk of your choice
4 eggs
1 dessertspoon of  sugar ( or low sugar equivalent) 
140g plain flour
1 tablespoon of Linseeds
2 tablespoon sliced almonds


switch oven onto 180 oC. Pour small amounts of oil into two twelve hole bun tins and pop in the oven to heat.

1)place milk and eggs in bowl and mix together, 
2) add all dry ingredients and mix well until combined

Pour mixture a jug and then  into pre heated bun tins and cook for approx 20 mins until brown and well risen.

These can be eaten warm at the time, or chilled and served with yoghurt or just eaten on their own.

Will freeze and can be taken out of the freezer and added to a pack lunch box. 

almond yorkshires with almond yoghurt


  1. Ooh very inventive :) I used to hate egg white when I was a kid and would only eat the yolk, but I eat both now !

  2. I like to be different. I am sure I now have an issue with egg white, it cripples my stomach, but broken down like this it is ok.

  3. fab recipe, would have never thought of yorkshires as dessert, thanks for sharing x

  4. Almond Yorkshires, yum, yum. It would never even have occurred to me. Mich x

  5. what a lovely idea! My mum used to eat Yorkshire's with Jam when we were kids but the way you've made them look amazing! A great breakfast alternative, thanks so much for linking with Simply Eggcellent. I'm so glad you found me!


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