Sunday 6 November 2016

My Sunday Photo week 13

It was a lovely day last Sunday so we decided to take the dog down one of the quieter beaches in the area, grab some lunch and do some shopping. We did not realise that particular bit of beach on a Sunday seems to be a local meeting point for scrambler bikes. I have to say they were all very considerate and mostly used the beach past where we were walking.

Was quite difficult to get anything decent because they were mostly riding well away from us, but managed to zoom in and get a few.

only other wheelie one I got would have been better had it been taken half a second later

Surprised how well the camera stopped this one considering it was zoomed right in.



  1. Wow, dramatic action shots there! Must say, it looks like great fun. I'd want to join in. #MySundayPhoto

  2. Wow what fun and great captures, my boys would love to try this

  3. Now that looks like fun, great captures

    Thank you for linking up


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