Saturday 19 November 2016

Project 366 week 46


Many years ago our last dog dug up a tiny sapling that we brought home and planted in a pot, eventually we found a permanent piece of ground to plant it in, it is now approx eight feet tall. The other week we spotted a sapling when up the woods with Lilly, and so I decided Lilly had to have her own tree as well. Hopefully it will grow and thrive.


I was taking some photographs for a review blog post ( post to follow) and was using the living room floor as no matter what I do in my long narrow kitchen with a three spot light there is always a shadow.

Lilly decided to come across for a nose and decided without being asked to sit nice. She never sits nice when I have her amongst piles of autumn coloured leaves or on a log.


Bobs turn to be ill this week, so I went and watched the three wee ones while DD1 took him to the doctor. A course of steroids to try and save it getting too bad and lots of doses of his blue inhaler.  The twins were playing with playdoh.


DD3's birthday today. We met up with her at Sunshine on Leith at Centrestage in Kilmarnock. DD3 had bought the tickets for us as both hubby and I have birthdays this month as well. We then took her to McD's for something to eat.Easiest place to get to at gone ten on a cold horrible night.
Thoroughly enjoyed the show and the cast seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

CentreStage Kilmarnock


Fifi and Bob wanted to come over and help make items with the hama beads. I printed off some easy Christmas baubles for Bob but he decided he wanted to try something far to difficult for him. He then tried to copy Fifi and that did not work for him either. So spent half the evening in tears because he could not do it but would not relent and try something easier. He then wrecked the second one that Fifi was working on to try and cause an argument, so we put the beads away.


Second birthday of the week. Today Fifi turned fourteen. Life is getting easier as she just asked for a cake, no specifics other than that. Made her a rectangle with butter icing and surrounded by matchmakers.


I have been toying over the idea of a sonic toothbrush for a while now. My electric one is not holding a charge. So when I was at the dentist last week I asked what they thought about them, They approved of them and coincidentally they had one for sale in the surgery. A quick google and as the price of the brush was the same locally as it was in the surgery, Did look on the Every Day is black Friday site as well,* but decided just to buy there and then. It is a Colgate Omron and at the time was retailing in most places for supposedly half price at £29.99.
 Have to say I am very impressed. The buzzing takes a bit of getting use to, even after using an electric one,  but the cleaning results are great and much gentler on my receding gums than my electric brush. I have to say I never seem to need treatment and only end up at the hygienist once every three or four visits, but my teeth do feel cleaner the next morning than they did. An easy drop in charger with a charging light so you know when it is fully charges and a warning light on the front for when it is getting low.
Has a 30 second warning so you know when to move quadrants which is handy, and switches off at the end of the two minutes, I would prefer a ten second warning, but getting use to working in the four quadrants rather than wily nilly so may well be a good thing.



  1. Good luck with the tree....We planted one when we moved into this house just over 5 years ago and it is now nearly as tall as me.
    Ahh! Shadows when taking photos are so annoying...I spent 20 minutes trying to find the perfect spot to take a photo the other day. lol
    Oh wow! So many Hama beads...We sometimes have crafting sessions like that with my girls. Eek!
    Happy birthday to your girls...That cake looks fab!
    That sounds like a very fancy toothbrush....Which reminds me we need new ones too x

  2. Like the idea of the toothbrush warnings, wish mine had those. Sorry to hear the hama bead session didn't end well. Hope the birthdays were enjoyed and I really love that sapling idea #366

  3. H has an electric toothbrush, but I've yet to take the plunge and I hadn't realised sonic ones were something different. Hope Bob is better soon.

  4. What a lovely story about the sapling. I hope Lily's sapling grows just as well! Love that she posed for a photo when you didn't need her to! The hama bead evening sounds rather stressful!

  5. I have an electric toothbrush, but not used it yet. Hope Bob is better soon. Happy birthday Fifi and what a great cake.

  6. Hope the sapling grows well.

    I'm not a fan of my electric toothbrush - it tickles too much. But the timers are great on them

  7. An electric toothbrush is forever on my list of things I really should get. Love how Lily has posed when there wasn't a need for it!

  8. Good luck with the sapling :) I recently got a sonic toothbrush, and my teeth really do feel amazingly clean after using it. Took me a while to get used to the tickly though!

  9. FiFi has really grown up hasn't she Elaine? I hardy recognised her! I love the story behind the sapling - fingers crossed this one grows to be big and strong for Lily. Look at all those hammer beads - eeeew I would be nervous having all those ready to be spilled all over the floor! xx


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