Thursday, 15 February 2018

The hassle of moving a shed.

Ever since we moved into this house, nearly five years ago.hubby has been wanting to move the small shed near the back door down to the bottom end of the garden,so lately he has had the hassle of moving the shed.

The problem is he has too much junk  man stuff to store and as the shed was full the contents had to go somewhere while the dismantling and reassembling happens. As we know in this country can not guarantee a run of dry weather even in the Summer. So after we got the new shed up and running a few months back he decided to get it done.

He was not even sure it would move successfully as a lot of it was rotten as the back of it was sited against a brick wall and so it has had rain running down the back of it and getting trapped all the years it has been there, over twelve years that we know of.

So this project was started the first week in January with the shed being disassembled into its six parts. Luckily enough our neighbour was on hand to help as there was no way at that point I could help with my shoulder being so sore.

the shed sites against a small 3 brick high patio area. 

So once the roof was off they started on dismantling the sides and lying them down.

laying the pieces down as they are dismantled 

The back and left side were quire rotted and so these were left for repairing.

the rotted corners on the back and side 

The back and left of the base were also quite rotted.

the rotted corner at the bottom 

So over the next few weeks, in between snow and gales the repair work began with hubby working away at it when he had time.

Dixie dog helping trim out the rotten wood 

So the rotting corners were sorted and replaced with new lengths of wood, and yes the dog decided to help, and the rotted tongue and grove sides were repaired by screwing lengths of  ply wood onto the outside. The 8ft by 4 ft piece of ply was left a few years back by the window fitter who put in our new double glazing.

the new pieces in place 

The base was sorted next, it was the biggest repair job with about a quarter of the floor needing replacing. So this was done by adding new supports next to the old supports, the trimming off the rotten pieces and adding lengths of tongue in groove from a previously dismantled building that he had salvaged. His hoarding can be verry annoying but I suppose it is only his hoarding that allowed this to be rebuilt so cheaply.

the rotten bits have gone 

The electric saw was bought with some of the Argos Vouchers I won just before Christmas, it was used to cut the longer pieces, much easier than by hand.

using the new power saw to cut the big pieces 

Once the repairs of the base were completed the wood was trimmed to the right size.

trimming the new struts underneath 

So after all the repair work was done it needed to be reassembled. I could manage to help with this as by now my arm was feeling somewhat better and the individual pieces were not to heavy if I let me left arm take the bulk of the weight.

the back and the base ready to go together

No pictures of the assembly as I was needed to support and help assemble.

awaiting the roof and adding some shelves 

We needed help to get the roof on as I was not attempting to help with that. So some shelves were added while he had good light to do it with and he would stand upright. SIL1 came and gave hubby a hand when he came in from work.

still a few bits to patch in at the bottom. 

As seen from the bedroom window.

awaiting the roof 

Once the roof was on

complete with roof 

To finish it off inside hubby drove down the back road and picked up a load of laminate flooring that somebody dumped the day after he assembled it and used it to cover the floor with and to line the sides half way up. Most of the contents of this shed is just items for storage as it is not tall enough to stand up in properly

shed paint and boxes being stored 

To allow him to rebuild the base, back and left side we had to buy some new wood, the rest of it was done with older wood that he had lying around. The budget for all the repair work, including the screws came to under £30, we could not have replaced it for anything like that so was worth spending the time on.

With the shed moved we now have a view down the garden so it will be easier to see the grandchildren when they are out there playing. I am sure there is also a plan to move the table bench and chairs up to the patio area at the top. 


  1. I can see why it needed moving! The kind of job I used to relish but, i fear, as life has got busier with two kids, now the kind of thing I dread!!

  2. yes hubby has been putting it off for a while as not sure it would be a success but thankfully it was.


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