Friday, 22 June 2018

A week with Ziggy

We headed to Oban for a week to spend time with DD2, SIL2 and Ziggy. Sadly, by my standards, it was far to warm most of the week to be out and about and if we left the walks till the evening then the midges were out in force and you could play dot to dot on me with the amount of bites I had. So we tried to stick to shaded walks during the day'

So in no particular order here was some of our fun. 

We went to Ganavan beach, Jack ( the golden lab) decided in the water was the best place for him. 

at the waters edge

playing on the sand 

Ziggy and I 

Then we had a picnic before heading back.

granddad being silly 

After Ziggy's nap she went put on the patio to play.

on her rocking horse. 

had to laugh...she now comes towards the camera just like her older cousins. 

playing with the water table.

After tea we went up to the top garden area with the bubble machine and the dogs.

with her bubble machine

up to cut the grass with it

in the shade of the rhubarb leaves....a few people warned us of the dangers of these leaves when I shared this on Faceboog. 

blowing bubbles with granddad

pegs are a lot of fun
She willingly let Ziggy have her toy, there were no problems at all.
playing with Dixie dog and Dixies toy

on her slide on the deck. 

On Saturday afternoon Ziggy was a way to a birthday party. All the children got a plant pot with compost and sunflowers seeds to plant, so Ziggy planted hers.

planting the seeds, well playing with the compost anyway. 

and watering the seed, this made for mud fun

brushing Jack 

On Monday morning DD2 had an appointment and so Ziggy and I went to the park.

ooppps the hat blew off

on the slide, I am not so keen on this piece of equipment as a few gaps up the top she could fall from. 

on the submarine

standing on the roundabout, designed to take a wheel chair

sitting on the rocks 

pushing the roundabout 

Another day we went back down the park with my daughter.

she can work these herself

up the steps to the slide

peeking through the submarine window

on the double swing with her mum

When her dad got home on evening he got out some uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows and did some model making with Ziggy.

building fun

these two really took a shine to each other

On Sunday we all went out together to Appin to see Castle Stalker and take a walk.

Ziggy and her dad in front of Castle Stalker

having a rest 

picnic time 

trotting along slowly 

daddy with the back pack

crawling around
She did well, was over a mile to where we ate our snack and she walked all the way, but did get carried back in the back pack.

Country Kids


  1. I have been to that area before - it really is lovely and looks like you very a busy week. Those pesky midges are a pain though - that's the one thing we still talk about from our trip! #countrykids

  2. What a little poppet she is, I bet it was magical to go up and spend some time with Ziggy and your daughter. Those midges sound a proper fun spoiler, but glad you managed to work around them with some lovely trips out. The parks up there look amazing with some lovely colourful equipment for little ones. I do love the look of that castle, and what beautiful surroundings.

    Thank you for sharing your time away on #CountryKids

    1. the park is great, I love the whole design of it and the flooring is magical as well.

  3. What a great record of your time with granddaughter, and lovely photos. Dad's spaghetti engineering was ingenius! I think the issue with rhubarb poisoning is only if eaten so I loved those rhubarb leaf hats too! #CountryKids

    1. the spaghetti engineering was very different and I am not sure who enjoyed it the most

  4. Sounds like a very sensible week - I am covered in bites and they are driving me insane! I think it's amazing she walked so far - good to encourage young imo. And I love a good picnic.

    1. we pottered along slowly and she did very well.

  5. Looks like you've been having a lovely time. You can't beat a water table and bubbles for fun can you #CountryKids

    1. very simple pleasures that have endured time,

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful time, love the park, so colourful. Such a beautiful part of the world, we went many years ago but hope to take the boys sometime #countrykids

    1. well worth going back to so much to see and do in the area.

  7. What beautiful photos. It looks like you had a wonderful week with Ziggy and she looks like she enjoyed playing with bubbles and having trips to the park. She did well walking so far as well! :-) #countrykids


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