Tuesday, 26 June 2018

We only want what’s best for the Grandchildren, Don’t We?

As a grandparent, we watch on as our children, now full-grown adults, raise their own children. We are on hand to offer advice when and where possible, while doing our best not to seem as though we are taking over. After all, it is up to their parents to decide on how to raise them.

We can, however, offer our thoughts – as well as mountains of gifts to spoil the precious little ones – on what might be best for them. Clothes, toys, schools and other aspects are often areas where grandparents are sought for advice and we are always more than willing to share because we love our little families.

Day’s Out
my sister, brother and gran, and me ( right) 
One of the best parts about being a grandparent is being able to take the grandchildren out for the day. We, as grandparents, love it because we get to enjoy quality time with the grandkids, and their parents love it because they get to enjoy a few hours of peace and quiet! Even better if we have the kids overnight.
As grandparents, we feel it is our duty to take the little ones out on an adventure. To make them
dream a little and come back with a multitude of stories to tell. We want them to look forward to spending days with us because we remember when we were younger how much we loved spending time with our grandparents.

Buying Quality
As we enter our senior years, we are fortunate enough to have a nice pot saved up after years of hard work. We have the mortgage paid off, proudly owning our home outright, meaning that we have more money to spend on those that we love than we did many years ago.
With extra funds means that we can afford to buy quality goods, which is something that we like to do for the good of the grandchildren. When we were younger, we were thankful when our parents helped us out with buying things for the children, and that’s something that we want to do for ours.
Whether it is clothing, pushchairs or anything, we are always more than happy to dip our hands in our pockets when we know it will be appreciated. We would never do so if we didn’t believe it would be appreciated, as we certainly wouldn’t want to come across the wrong way or unintentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.

It goes without saying that we want the best education possible for our grandchildren. We want them to have the best chance in life, to have the opportunity to attend one of the most prestigious universities in the country. We could have a future Prime Minister in the family!
We never had that opportunity because universities, particularly for those of us from a working-class family, always seemed out of reach. Now, though, there is much more opportunity to earn yourself a place at a top university, studying your passion and giving yourself an advantage in your chosen field.
Why do we want the best for our grandchildren? We want them to get as much out of life as possible. We want them to enjoy all of the things that we couldn’t have, to be whatever it is that they want to be.

All that we have ever wanted is the best for our grandchildren.

This is a collaborative post.

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