Friday, 22 June 2018

Dixie dog went on holiday

This is the first holiday Dixie has been on since we have had her, and so I decided that I would share some of the fun she had and the places she went while we were in the Oban area. 

For all she has come on massively in the six months we have had her one thing I notice with her is when she is an area she does not know, or on a walk she has not been on before she tends to walk behind us, once she gets use to an area she will wander away and explore a bit more.  

Salmon farming seen from Ganavan

loved the green colour of this seaweed when the tide was out at Ganavan

an evening walk with DD2 and her dog Jack at Ganavan, this is where Dixie picked up her ticks. 

rooting around the seaweed at Ganavan

loved this sea weed
having a picnic at Ganavan

a lovely sunset at Ganavan

Sadly she did end up picking up ticks at Ganavan that required a visit to the vet to remove seven off them and have treatment to hopefully prevent many more.

These pictures are from one of the places we went to quite a few times, Duffstaffnage Castle in Dunbeg. It was ideal as it had wooded areas to provide some shade, rough ground for exploring by her, some beach bits to play in the water,  toilets and a shop that sold ice cream.

a cotton flower 

some sort of lichen growing on the trees

we were making rock towers on the beach at the castle 

one of the power boats 

the underneath of a fungi growing on the trees 

going over the wall at Dunstaffnage Castle

eating ice cream at Dunstaffnage castle 

in the grounds at Dunstaffnage Castle 

in the grounds at Dunstaffnage Castle

on the walk way between Ganavan and Dunbeg 

in the back garden 

We went with family to Castle Stalker at Appin one day and for a walk along the cycle path.
walking along the cycle path at Appin 

at Castle Stalker at Appin

her favourite pastime of chewing sticks 

scrounging at Appin

On the way back from Appin we stopped at Sutherland's Grove and explored the pathways.

going back down the steps at Sutherland's Grove

in the river at Sutherlamds Grove 

she got on very well with the granddaughter and the two of them had lots of cuddles. 

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