Saturday, 23 March 2019

Project 365 week 12

If you want to see my completed blanket I have done a post here. 


A full day at work,  17.831 steps, 7.31 miles done. Sat in my break and knitted a hat. This set is now finished. Really like it. I appreciate it is doubtful they will be worn in matching sets but doing them anyway.


A day where the rain did not stop. I had to pick somebody up on the way home and was going back out at 5pm so did not bother with a walk in between as had neither the time or the inclination.
Met up with DD3 to attend the Unison AGM. Ran her home and came back via here to pick up the visitor and take them home at the same time. A few interesting bits and pieces of information. They also did a raffle, a free ticket for everybody that attended and DD3 won one of the prizes. She left the chocolates with me as a giveaway prize for my blog giveaways next month,


Really in rather a bad mood today. I am trying my best with a situation that is nobody's fault and every time I smooth over one issue another rears its ugly head. So to keep the peace I am needing to use a diary for recording statistics. Had hunted the shops for one but did not find one but hubby thought there was one in the house, luckily there was.  No doubt there will be another new issue that will be all my fault next week. Seriously stressing me out.


A day spent running around on somebody else's behalf, have to say that person is very grateful for it. We all went for a walk along the beach between one appointment and the next. We all clocked up just 3.25 miles and my bunion was rather sore time we finished. Need to be looking for new comfortable walking shoes, hard floors at work do them no favours. My daughter suggested Sketchers so come pay day will have a look.

Spotted the remains of this creature on the beach, the claws are huge, amongst masses and masses of other swept in debris.


Catch up with some of the housework. Made tonight's tea and had an early lunch as going to join in with an organised cycle ride, getting the pleasure of being at the back to make sure everybody was ok. Sadly only four of us on the ride but a pleasant chat with people as we cycled just over 5 miles. My fitbit did not pick it up but map my walk was set so that was fine.

Then went for a nearly two mile walk with the dog and back for an early ( for us anyway) tea as I was starving by then.

Did some knitting in the evening and got a butterfly blanket done and a small multi coloured hat. Have been messaging the SCBU so I know now what they are looking for and what they will use.


Bob decided he wanted to come round and play and make pancakes. Sadly when he got here I had the wrong coconut milk. We played on the Wii, had jacket potatoes beans and sausage for lunch and then played card games and the old favourite Uno Roboto.

In the evening hubby went to babysit the three wee ones, who were in bed, while DD1, the older two kids and I went to a prize bingo night. But when we got there the kids were not allowed to play. So they went back home and we stayed and played. Was not the best evening, for some weird reason every call was made by three of four people. Considering how many permutations are available this should not have been happening. Anyway we won nothing between us but was nice to see the community supporting a local good cause.

As of tonight I have done 366.20 miles.


A long day at work, the only picture I have taken is a little bear I knitted. About 4 inches tall, not so sure it looks like a bear but designed for prem babies. Took longer to knit than the hats I have been making.

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  1. The clothes you are knitting for the prem baby unit are just lovely. I am sure the parents of little babies will be so grateful.
    Ugh! Sorry you were in a bad mood early in the week. That sounds bad that you are having to keep a diary to record things. I hope things are better soon. x

  2. It is wonderful that you keep knitting outfits for premies. The hat and cardi look very cute.
    Sorry to hear you were in a bad mood last week, hope this week is much better. What was wrong with the coconut milk (did you need a different brand?)?
    Lovely views during your cycling trip.

    1. yes I prefer the taste of Alpro coconut milk but was forgetting it "may contain traces of nuts" due to its production. Need to buy Koko this week as it is long life and will be there when he wants to come back.

  3. How fab to find a lobster on the beach. Have you looked at New Balance trainers, both hubby and I have a pair for walking in, much more comfy than skechers. Hope what ever the problem is requiring the diary is sorted out soon

  4. I love the knitting you are doing for the premature babies! Sorry to hear about the frustrating situation and having to keep records. How annoying that the kids couldn't join in with the bingo. Love that Bob chose to visit you on his own. My kids like to go round to visit my mum and dad on their own too.

  5. Love that little bear, my son was only in SCBU for 24 hours but I was grateful for the knitted hat he got to wear, such a good thing to do Elaine. sorry to hear you've got a lot of stress going on too, it's not ideal for our own well being is it x #365

  6. I think it is wonderful work that you are doing for SCBU #365

  7. I think its lovely that you are knitting all these items for the prem babies. It really brings a tear to my eye as although my youngest wasn't prem he spent some time in Neo natal for other reasons - it puts a total different perspective on things. I hope you are okay and managing to record the things you need to it sounds stressful xx

  8. The knitting looks lovely of you to do that. That lobster is huge!!

    Well done on DD3 on the win and then leaving the chocolates for a giveaway

  9. Knitting for the prem baby unit is such a good idea. Sounds like you are having a tough time at the moment - hope you find a way through it.

  10. I just love that you are doing all that knitting for the prem baby unit. You are an angel. They are just so cute. I am sorry you are going through such a tough time. Always here xx

  11. I have just started knitting again but have never tried to make clothes. I had a go at crochet and it's not great so far... #project365


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