Saturday, 2 March 2013

Almond Breeze black rice pudding.

I had a litre of milk left over from making smoothies with the almond breeze milk sent out for a challenge and decided to make something a bit different with it. So I decided to make rice pudding with the black rice.

  • I placed the litre of almond breeze in my slow cooker, 
  • added 1/4 litre of black rice 
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut
  • 1 tablespoon coconut sugar.
  • turn slow cooker onto medium for approx 5 hrs 

Once cooked serve hot or cold. I served mine cold with some raspberries.

The black rice has a very nutty flavour and it works well here with the almond milk.

I also decided to make something a bit different, a rice pudding jelly. Jelly is good for you, but I am not a lover of it, its not the taste I mind but the texture, so I decided to change the texture and add some bulk.

  • cover the bottom of a ramekin with the cooked rice pudding
  • cut some tinned pears into cubes
  • top the rice pudding with the pear
  • fill the ramekin with jelly and
  • leave to set. 
These were a bit strange, for some reason the jelly did not surround the rice pudding and set solid round it as it did with the pear, it just sorted of settled on top.  I have no idea why. Basically you had a jelly with separate rice on top when you tipped them out of the ramekins.

Sadly all the photographs I took of these on various colour plates from different angles have all gone, disappeared into cyberspace never to be seen again, so I am sorry no pictures are available as the finished products have been eaten.

The almond breeze was supplied by Blue Diamond, the other highlighted items by Healthy Supplies.

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