Sunday, 10 March 2013

Take a block of pastry.

I had a block of puff pastry in the fridge and decided to use it.

I had bulk cooked some mince and so decided to make a mince pie for the tea.

With the other half I decided to make a chocolate and banana pie.

Line a pie tin with pastry. Cook the base for 5 mins at 180 oC to start it cooking.

Remove from the oven and line the bottom with slices of banana. Bash an Easter egg with a rolling pin and scatter the broken chocolate over the banana slices.

I made a basic Victoria sponge cake with dairy free margarine and coconut sugar. Spread the cake mix over the bananas and chocolate.

Cook for 40mins at 160 oC.

Serve hot or cold.


  1. im defo gonna make the banana cake looks wow yummy

    1. it was very pleasant, and use up a couple of soft bananas I had.

  2. I love that you've written 'PIE' on your pie, it makes me laugh. I'm not sure why. Great ideas, the banana and chocolate idea is great too :O)

    1. the mad things I do when bored Kay. I could of made the banana pie totally dairy free by using carob buttons instead of smashed up egg.

  3. With chocolate and banana I'm sold!


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