Saturday, 9 March 2013

Haggis Lasagne

My friend Samantha had brought me over a haggis lasagne a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed it so I decided to make one for tea last night.

Fry 1 finely chopped onion for 2-3 mins.
add a sliced haggis to the frying pan, remove from the heat and cover with a lid for 5 mins until haggis warms slightly and is easy to break down.
Stir onion and haggis together and add a tin of veg soup, and any left over cooked veg you have handy.

Meanwhile make a cheese sauce, (recipe here) . I used lactose free milk and cheese and a dairy free margarine.

Lay lasagne sheets into a loaf tin, spread some of the haggis mix on top of the lasagne and top with a thin layer of cheese sauce, keep layering up till mixture is used finishing with a layer of cheese sauce.

Cook for approx 30 mins at 180oC.

Makes a pleasant change from normal lasagne.

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