Thursday, 21 March 2013

Healthy Supplies items for March

This month I chose some staple items and tried a few different items as well. 

 Thought I would try some of their jams, thought these would be nice to use as a spread in cakes and will see what else I may use them for not just a s jam. I chose a morello cherry fruit spread and wild rapsberry Topped up with agave syrup because I much prefer it to using white sugar.

Also topped up with gluten free noodles as hubby will happily eat these but is not keen on other gluten free noodles. Also picked some corn alphabet shapes as well to ring the changes for Bob.

Topped up with basic baking ingredients, coconut sugar, gluten free flour and  vine fruits.

 I love cherries and so decided to buy some dried cherries, freeze dried cherry powder and three different flavours of snack size bags of  raisins, cherry, cola and pineapple. 

I use a lot of flaxseed it is great to add to either stews, cakes, bread, pancakes or sprinkle over your breakfast. Never tried this bread mix before but as it is gluten free and full of seeds I could not resist trying it. 
Lastly I saw the vegeset and want to have a try at making my own jellies of dairy free milky puddings. This I am hoping will work well with the cherry powder.

Here are some links to items I have been making lately with my products from Healthy Supplies.

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Quick and easy soba noodles recipe
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Jelly tot cakes
Mint aero cakes 

The products are supplied by Healthy Supplies but the recipe ideas are mine and the  findings remain honest. 

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