Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Glebe Farm carrot cake mix

Daughter No2 had seen this in a shop and decided to pick it up for Bob, sadly she does not have the time to make this with him due to her working hrs.

So she passed it into me and we decided to have fun making it. I do not tend to buy this sort of item but it is nice to try things out. Also thought it would be great for Bob now his reading is coming along well and Fifi was not here that he could read and follow the instructions for himself.

So we took out packet of carrot cake mix. and set about making it. The only drawback the instructions had for us were they were in a paragraph not bullet pointed or numbered, so Bob needed to start from the beginning every time, he could not scan and find the point he had finished at, so I pointed out his starting point for him so he did not end up getting frustrated. His learning skills have come on great and I'm sure this time next year he will manage.

First off we read the front of the packet that told us we needed to add margarine, eggs and carrots.
Bob knows he cannot eat eggs, and it does tell you you can use egg replacer.
The instructions told us to melt the margarine, but as a lover of flora cuisine we just used that instead. The instructions also say you can add walnuts and/or sultanas if you want. So we added sultanas as we cant add nuts.

weighing out the flora cuisine

adding the soaked egg replacer

grating the carrots
Bob has never grated carrots before as him and mummy use the food processor, mine is in a cupboard so it is easier to do it by hand, and more fun. 

mixing it up

We added 2 oz of water to get a good consistency, was a bit dry without but that could have been due to the lack of water in the egg replacer compared to eggs.

in the oven
It suggests two 6 inch sandwich times, but I used one 8 inch as I dont have 6in ones.

ta da, finsihed
It cooked up nicely, didnt rise much bit gluten free stuff rarely does. The pack suggests butter icing but sadly I have been unable to source Bob friendly icing sugar for a while so we just ate it as it was.

Bob testing it out.

The end result was for my liking a wee bit sweet, but the consistency was good and it was very edible. 

I will need to look out for some of the other types and try them out as well. 

The price compares very favourable with buying shop bought cake of this type.

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