Saturday, 14 November 2015

Project 365 week 46


On the spur of the moment I bought two lucky dip lottery tickets. When they they change to more than fifty numbers? Having said that you only need two numbers to win a free lucky dip ticket, but sadly I could not even manage that.

losing tickets


Son in law is on days at the moment so is home to either take Bob to gymnastics or for daughter to take him in his car, but Fifi also had time trials at swimming so I was needed to do the gymnastics run. Cold wet horrible evening and it did not appeal to walk for an hour, so I took my kindle ( well tablet with a kindle app) and a thick jacket and sat in the car reading.

kindle app
to keep me company


Had the oven on so popped a cake in the oven. A chocolate Victoria sponge. I used a coconut cream and plain chocolate ganache for the filling and topping. Very yummy it was as well.

rather delicious


Son in law is undergoing management training at the moment, which involves him being away from home for up to forty eight hours occasionally. So being the nice mum/grandma  that I am I went and took Bob and the gruesome twosome out for a while to give daughter a chance to relax for an hour or so. We went up to the small park to play as it is fenced off and much easier for one adult to look after the twins safely. Also if we went to the big park I could not have kept them out of the puddles and it is too cold to get that wet. 

that is Minky


Bob decided he was coming to stay last night. We made pancakes for tea which he enjoys and then played on the wii for over an hour. Thursday morning he helped me with chopping up veg and prepping tea for the slow cooker before we went and played on the wii again. Took him down the road eventually but it was nice to spend some time with him, its been a while since he stayed. 
Minky was not feeling too good and cried when mummy left him with me, didn't cry for long but snuggled in. 

in his Connor Potter sweatshirt


Hurricane Abigail was suppose to hit but we did not get the weather as bad as was predicted for us. Windy but not much more so that can be expected at this time of year. Think we only got the very tail end. The beach still made for a nice picture regardless. 

Abigail storm
a windy beach


The car my daughter bought three months ago that has been off the road for the last four weeks with a faulty gearbox went into pour local garage for an independent report. They say it is too dangerous to have back on the road. So we took our car down to get the twins seats out plus the other stuff. Sadly they are not compatible with my car so we cannot use them to take the twins out. They are now in our loft until she needs them again.

two Britax car seats


  1. I think in all the years the lottery has been running I have only won about £100 in total and that's over about 20 years. lol
    That cake looks so good! Yummy!
    We felt a bit of the storm up here in Northumberland....Rain, wind and it was oh so cold!

    1. yes it has gone much colder this week. We have never won much with it either, I buy tickets 2 or 3 times a year and always hope

  2. Sorry to hear that your daughter has car problems. I am pleased to hear that storm Abigail didn't cause you any problems, I did think about you when I saw the weather forecast x

    1. Hopefully she will get her car problems sorted before baby No5 comes along.

  3. Your chocolate cake looks delicious! I'm always so impressed what an amazing Grandma you are. It sounds lovely to spend some quality time with Bob. Love your photo of the windy beach. Glad Abigail didn't hit too hard!

    1. I dont think of my myself as an amazing grandma, just somebody who gets an amazing amount of pleasure out of my grandchildren., but thank you

  4. The beach looks like a perfect place to blow away the cobwebs and walk off the delicious looking cake - coconut cream filling..yum!

  5. How wonderful that Bob chose to stay and what a helpful Grandson he is :)
    that chocolate cake looks and sounds delicious Elaine - perfect for the 11pm tummy rumbles I am currently experiencing!
    so pleased that the hurricane did not strike as was first thought x

  6. mmmm cake. I love your beach photo, such a lovely view. hope you feel better asap hun x

  7. That cake looks delicious. So sorry about the car :(
    Ruth Anne

  8. That chocolate cake looks amazing, and I love that windswept beach shot. Beautiful. Sorry to hear about your daughters car.

  9. you dont have much luck with cars do you? i hope your daughter gets sorted with it soon. the chocolate cake looks yummy


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