Saturday, 21 November 2015

Project 365 week 47

It has been a week of feeling crap and four birthdays.


Still feeling really awful so another day in bed sleeping and gazing blankly at daft things on the tv.
Daughter No2 was down to see her sister and the children for the weekend, and look -  she brought me back some screen wash, this made me laugh.


Today is DD No3 birthday. She was away to Glasgow with a friend for the day.

My peak flow has been terrible this last 24 hours, the cough is getting sorer and the sleep has been none existent. Even hubby abandoned me and went and slept in the spare bed. So I phoned the doctor and got an appointment. Hubby drove me there despite the fact he had to change beds. Gave me an antibiotic to stop it settling into the chest. Also bought some more throat pastilles and paracetamol, plenty of juice and headed back home to my bed, .


Have got three birthday cakes to make this week, and really have no notion. Feel like a washed out dish cloth. Have to admit had it been the gruesome twosome's birthday first they would have go a shop bought cake with a bit of icing on the top and a few chocolate buttons on as they would be none the wiser, but Fifi was expecting me to make a cake for her. So here is the stuff for all three cakes as well as some Minions to put on top of Bob's cake.


Fifi turned thirteen today. Seems no time. So I had made her cake, covered in chocolate butter icing ( dairy free of course). I then broke three different colours of kitkat into single pieces and stood them up round the cake alternating the colours. Tied a red ribbon round the cake and then topped it with a box of maltesers. She seemed to like it. Made Bob a few that got the butter icing on and topped with a few minions.


Once a year round about his birthday hubby changes the batteries in the five smoke detectors we have. So this week the batteries were changed. Here are the old ones.


A bit of a hectic day. Had BT out just after 7am to changed over the tv box, Made the twins cakes before I went out, and decorated them while tea was cooking. Also had to go and help out daughter who gave me a tearful phone call as she was trying to get stuff done but Minky was not well and Dinky was doing her usual drama queen act. So sent daughter upstairs to get some peace, bunged stroppy Dinky into her buggy and ignored her mood and dared either of the older two to give into her. Cuddled into Minky till he settled then he went to Bob for a cuddle while I made tea for them. Bob lovingly made his mummy a plate of snacks and asked me to make her a sandwich and got Fifi to make her a coffee. thought that was lovely of him, Mummy appreciated it.

Once calm had been restored, daughter calmed down and fed I went home to decorate the cakes for the twins birthday, and took it down while my tea was cooking. It is actually two separate cakes.


The twins turn two today, no longer babies, but opinionated stroppy greeting faced temper tantruming little people.  Oh boy can Dinky strop when she wants to!! But we all love them to bits and  adore the little people they are turning into. 
Back to work today, and woke up to our first snow of the year. It had snowed, thawed a bit and frozen again. The car was solid ( this is next doors car as the scattering of snow shows better) the pavements and roads sheets of pure ice. My lovely hubby got up and went out and defrosted my car for me. I thought I would go along the bus route rather than the road I usually use out of the village hoping it had been gritted but it hadn't, thought I did pass the gritted heading towards the village. 


  1. Hope you're feeling better now. What a busy week of birthdays! I love the alternate KitKat idea on Fifi's cake. I was amazed that so many people had had snow this morning. We did actually see some on the hill in the distance. It was very good of your husband to make sure you could get to work safely.

  2. Oh, I hope you're feeling better. Sending lots of happy birthday wishes! Fab cakes :) I'm glad to say that we haven't had any snow yet...!

  3. Hope you're feeling better. Love the cakes & cant believe the twins are two. Happy birthday to them all x

  4. Good job with the cakes. They all look scrummy. Can't believe the twins are 2 already!!

  5. Happy birthday to the twins and Fi. Hope you are feeling better now.

  6. sorry to hear you've been feeling so unwell, hope you're fully recovered by now, love the cakes, esp the one's for the twins


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