Sunday, 25 September 2016

My Sunday Photo week 11

Have been visited by all three daughters this week, with DD1 and DD2 here at the same time. The cousins got chance to catch up.
I love how despite having a baby sister of their own the twins are still fascinated with babies. This one appeals just because of the way they are staring adoringly at baby Ziggy.

I also loved this one just because the expression on baby Ziggy's face seems to be saying "help me mum" . Dinky was talking lovingly to baby Ziggy, and I like the added gentle touch to the head from Minky.

disclaimer - no baby was harmed in taking of these pictures.



  1. Awww so sweet! Toddlers can't resist a squishy little baby can they xx

  2. Aww that is one adorable photo. It's far too cute & so much love x

  3. Beautiful photos! They look like they're being so gentle with her.

  4. What adorable photos. So sweet

  5. Nothing better than seeing family together, they look so adorable.

  6. How cute, they look so caring and protective

    Thank you for linking up


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