Saturday, 17 September 2016

Project 366 week 37


Having taken the weekend off work as we had been in Oban it meant I had a rare Sunday off and so decided to go to the park with DD3 and the four older children and one of Fifi's friends, I always love how much time the older children have for the younger ones, it really is nice to see them all together.


Gymnastics run with Bob in the evening, and a walk for Lilly round the near by estate. Was not sure if it was going to stay dry but luckily it did. Another few weeks till the clocks change and it will be too dark to go with her there. Managed to find some blackberries, and picked a doggy bag full as it was the only container we had with us. Made a sponge with it and kept some for on my breakfast


Have to laugh at this daft dog when we were out for a walk. She went into the field as she smelt a partridge. She decided through the gate was a better way out than under it.


OH had an opthalmic appointment this morning, last time we were in for three hours, today was the same thing for the same tests and in and out in fifty minutes, I was shocked to say the least.

Took Lilly for a walk up Failford, it is the sort of place despite being beautiful that does not really go any where and so few people walk it. Great when you have a dog that has dog issues. Funnily enough we bumped into five other people all within two hundred yards of each other.

Lilly loves to jump over benches and I tried for a photo of her doing that, but she was for none of it today. So here she is with hubby.


Went out for a walk with DD1 and the three youngest and Lilly, Bob was away staying at the other grandparents, We decided on the back road because it is quiet and the twins and I can run through the field with Lilly while DD1 walks along the road with the pram. Sadly they were harvesting and dozens of times the tractors passed us. Minky came back wet and mucky with a stones in his t-shirt pocket, "flowers" in his jeans pockets and wellies full of muddy puddles. 


Bob has after school activities today. To save DD1 having to take the twins and they get bored for the ninety minutes I said I woukd watch them so she could drop him off and do some shopping. We went to the park and left Fifi making a pot of soup for the tea. 


DD3 had been in Glasgow a few weeks back and spotted this book and bought it for me, an earky Christmas present she tells me. 


  1. Looks like a lot of fun at the park. Aww bless, hope the dog got out ok, wee cookie. The twins are gettin so big x

  2. That blackberry sponge looks good. Had to laugh at lily trying to go through the fence! That book looks perfect for you!!

  3. Sounds like you've had a good week. The blackberry sponge does look good.

  4. your blackberry sponge looks really yummy. we love finding them now in the hedgerows. you do so well to get out and about very day - hope the good weather continues x

  5. How lovely to have all the grandchildren together. i kept reading Oban as Oman and wondered what you were doing in my neck of the woods.

  6. oh and thank you for the comment on my blog

  7. Like the sound of the cross stitch book and Lily and that gate! Blackberry sponge looks lovely too

  8. Looks like there are some lovely walks round your way - your dog is very cute! Looking forward to doing foraging down here soon :)

  9. Looks like lots of outdoor fun and walks, perfect for little ones and dogs.


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