Sunday, 11 September 2016

My word of the week

I have just spent a week in Oban with DD2, SIL and grandchild No7, born on August 23rd,  So my word of the week has to be Mia, or Ziggy as she is called on the blog. 

I can see you, along with Jack the dog

Jack not so keen on the balloon

where as Mia loves it

with Granddad and Lilly, our dog

sat on my knee

with her ferret, a present from Granddad and Lilly

love her wee hands

so cute with the hands above her head

with some of her many cards 

playtime with granddad

story time with mummy

The Reading Residence


  1. Oh, she is utterly adorable! What a wonderful week you've had. Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. Just beautiful! I love the pic of the dog with her paw on Grandad's leg while holding your grand daughter :) #wotw

  3. Adorable! Those hands ������. I feel so lucky that B has two sets of doting grandparents. Mia and your other 6 grandchildren are extremely lucky, too! X



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