Saturday, 24 September 2016

Project 365 week 38

Been a bit of a mixed week. DD1 and the children were on holiday so no gymnastics run, but DD2 and DD3 were both over for visits instead.


This daft dog makes me laugh at times. Love the way she sleeps with her nose resting on the floor. She was enjoying the afternoon sunshine.


Spotted a few acorns on a small tree in amongst the blackberry bushes. Wonder who will be around to see it when it grows tall in 100 years?


Was out picking blackberries ans decided to make something a bit different with them. I used a pack of fruit scones to make a variation on a bread and butter pudding  Recipe can be found here if you are interested.


Nice day for a walk along the river with hubby and dog. A two and a half mile walk was enjoyed by the three of us. Hubby went up the steps while Lilly and I waited at the bottom as they are sandstone and the loose powdery coating on them is very slippy.


DD3 came over for her tea. Been a while since she has had time/chance to visit. She had on her favourite hoodie. The writing glows in the dark.


DD1 came back from holiday today and DD2 was still here so I took Ziggy down to see her cousins. Always amazes me how gentle the twins are with a baby. Could not choose one picture so have cheated a bit.


Struggled without my microwave so just had to get another one. Did not realise how much I  used it until it was not working. Not the best colour to photograph but fits with the kitchen. Think a kettle is next on the list as it it looking way past its best now this is stood next to it.


  1. i love the photo of lilly sleeping and so envy all the lovely walks you can go in in the countryside. Is lilly showing any signs of calming down around other dogs?

  2. I totally get what you mean about your microwave. I always think I don't use things much until I don't have them any more!
    Love the photos of the twins with their baby cousin and Lily with her nose on the floor!

  3. I hear you with the microwave! And the grid of the cousins is just precious. How interesting to ponder the acorns in 100 years.... Will be thinking on that

  4. We use the microwave quite a lot in our house so it's pretty essential. Loving the photos of the twins with their cousin.

  5. Oh I so need a new microwave, you really don't think you use it that much do you. I love that my kids have cousins close it is great. Beautiful photo of them on the floor. Acorns are a wonder x

  6. Don't think I could live without our microwave either, OH certainly couldn't as he lives on reheated dinners. Love the way your dog sleeps and those steps look amazing but don't think I'd fancy climbing them either #366

  7. i have been without a microwave for several months now. i do miss it for reheating, cooking peas and baked beans and giving my Jacket Potatoes a head start before the oven, but i didn't use it that much really. BUT i know how handy they are.
    lovely photos of the twins with their little baby cousin - adorable xx


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