Saturday, 10 September 2016

Project 366 week 36

We headed north to stay with DD2 and SIL for the week to help out with Ziggy as SIL went back to work. It has been a week of helping out with the housework and Ziggy as well as fitting in time for the dog. So I am cheating a bit this week and you are getting both pictures of the day, one of Lilly one of Ziggy. 


Stopped off at various places to allow us to stretch our legs and Lilly to get out for a run. Here she had spotted some people with a child and she just loves children. 

Lilly at Loch Awe


Ziggy spent time staring at the balloon. Granddad wrapped the string loosely round her arm and when she moved her arm the balloon moved. 

Ziggy with a balloon 

While we were there Lilly had fun on the log pile out the back door. 

on the log pile


Ziggy with the ferret granddad bought her. 

Took a walk down the town in the evening with hubby and Lilly. Looks very pretty at night. 

Oban harbour


Granddad sat with Ziggy and Lilly. 

snuggles on the couch 

Took Lilly out for a run when the rain stopped. We walked the 2.5 mile round trip on the back road and Lilly loved it. 

running back down the hill


Today was DD2's birthday. My "children" will tell you the one thing that makes a birthday for them is a home made cake. They loved them as children and still ask for one even now. So as I was there I made a cake. 

DD2 with Ziggy and the cake 


Never too young to have a story read. Ziggy gets one at night before bedtime as well as the odd time she is awake. 

story time 

A walk with Lilly in between the showers. We did the 2.5 mile walk with her and then as the beach was empty we took a wander along there as well. 

digging at a rock


Had a last morning cuddle with Ziggy while her mum went for a shower. Will be another six weeks until we see her again and she will have grown quite a bit by then. Babies are not suppose to smile at two weeks old but she does. 

smiles from Ziggy


  1. photos of babies and dogs, my favourite type of blog. Wish someone would make a birthday cake for me, just the once, you have a lovely family

  2. I do think it's important to read to babies. I did it and when we went to a weaning talk with the health visitor she said I can tell you read to your baby because he was 'reading' the leaflet she gave us with his eyes. Looks like you've had a lovely week.

  3. Lovely photos of your new granddaughter :) I love Oban, what a gorgeous evening shot x

  4. Gorgeous photo of Ziggy at the end. It must have been lovely spending time with them for the week. The photo of Oban harbour is stunning.

  5. Must have been lovely to spend so much time with Ziggy. And you can't beat homemade cake - especially as when you're grown up you rarely get them made for you

  6. What a gorgeous thing and so lovely she's having stories read to her already - so important :)


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