Saturday, 3 September 2016

Project 366 week 35


Spotted these last week at an amazing price and could not resist.


Took Bob to gymnastics and when we dropped him off I spent some time with a smiley Spud.


Hubby finally got round to re roofing the shed.


Took Lilly a walk at Failford. We stopped for a look at the river.


Out for a walk in the bottom fields, They have finally got round to cutting the crop and were bringing it in today, which gives us more fields to walk round now.


In previous years the air show has been Saturday and Sunday, this year they made it Friday and Saturday. I fancied watching the pyromania and Aerosparx planes. Have to say we were not impressed and it was also raining heavily so we did not hang around long and did not bother waiting for the fireworks

3rd September 2016


Now that Ziggy is born I have her details to allow me to finish off her blanket, so I added the details and backed the blanket to make it use able. Well over a hundred hours of work went into this, a real labour of love.


  1. Your blanket looks amazing! That really is a labour of love. I can't believe how much Spud has grown. She's gorgeous :)

    1. I know that is Spud 6 months old this week, time flies

  2. the blanket looks great, well done and congrats again. I bet the shed was hard work in that heat, the shed looks incredibly empty

    1. think it is just the way the shadow is thrown across it, but believe me it is anything but empty.

  3. The blanket looks amazing. Well done. Pity about the airshow.

  4. Your blanket is amazing. Love the sharpie pic. Wow hasn't spud grown so much xx

  5. love Sharpie pens and i can never resist a bargain either. love your blanket - a job well done. Spud is growing so quickly - and well done to your hubby on getting the shed roof fixed x x

  6. What a lovely blanket. A wonderful keepsake.

    I love Sharpies. I keep admiring them in the shops but have to hold off buying any more.

  7. My hubby re-roofed the shed but didn't do a good job..not really tidy!!

    I love the blanket. Spud is sooo cute!

    Shame the airshow wasn't all that

  8. Well done on the blanket - it's such a beautiful gift. I always love a stationery bargain and have quite a stash of Sharpies!


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