Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Introducing - Auntie H - guest blogger

Hello everyone!

My name is Auntie Heather (otherwise known as DD3) and I'll be guest posting on the blog to add some variety and a different view of life with the children. I thought you all might like to know a little bit more about me so here goes.

Uncle M & Auntie H
This is my other half Martin and myself. He is 27, I am 28 and we both live in the small village of Dalrymple in East Ayrshire. We have been together for 4 years and we live with his parents, his brother and his brother's other half. We also have a family dog named Zac. We live here as his parents very kindly offered me a place to stay whilst we save up to buy a house of our own. It's a busy household but we all get along well (for the most part lol) so it is good fun.

I work for the NHS in an administrative capacity. I have been doing so for just over a year and it is fabulous, I enjoy my job immensely. Previously I worked for a large pizza chain for 5 years and a theatre for 6 years. I have had other jobs too but those were my main ones. I still volunteer at the theatre and attend classes on a weekly basis. I love to sing and I enjoy working backstage as a member of the Stage Crew team. Bob also attends the theatre each week to participate in a musical theatre class, and Fifi intends to join the Technical Theatre class when she has a bit more spare time. It is nice to be able to share this with them as music/theatre is a passion of mine and it is great to see them enjoy it too. Fifi spent a weekend volunteering to help with make up/facepainting during Bob's first big show and caught the bug. Dinky and Minky will soon be starting a class for the younger age groups too. Time will fly and I think Spud will end up there too, she loves when you sing to her and baby boogies to music when it is on.

Uncle M is an auto-electrician for a large bus company, currently working permanent night-shift in Falkirk. He finds nights tough but enjoys his job all the same. We're hoping he gets day-shifts at some point as he feels he's missing out on a lot when having to sleep all day and part of the weekend.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, singing, playing games and most of all spending time with my nieces and nephews (their parents too of course!) You will know about most of my nieces and nephews I see on a regular basis, I also have a 4 year old nephew K whom I don't see as much but planning to change this over the coming months as I'm missing spending time with him. I have a lot of step-family who have children, however I don't see them very often, we joke that it's only at Christmas and funerals as we all lead such busy lives. It is nice that we can always pick up where we left off though.

I hope to post on a fairly regular basis about my time with the kids, special occasions, milestones and trips we take. There may also be a few posts about working backstage in the theatre and taking part in shows.

Catch you all soon!


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