Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Sunday Photo week 1

I don't join in with this every week so my numbering will be different than others, don't worry about it.

DD1 phoned to say the children were excited by the smattering of snow we had. They wanted to go out and play in it, so she decided instead of taking them the park, think mud, dog poo etc to play in it she would wander up to my bit with them instead and let them play on the way up.

This is the point that Dinky spotted Granddad shouting her out of the top landing window as we were looking for them coming up the street.

They stayed and played for a fun nearly two hours before heading back down the road.



  1. What a lovely photo! It sounds like they had a great time. Sadly we didn't have enough snow to have fun in!

  2. We missed out on the snow, mine would have been out till it melted if they saw snow, it has been years since we had any.

  3. It sounds like they had lots of fun

    Thank you for linking up

  4. The snow is so much fun isn't it. It was nice to see. Ours is all gone now. xx #MySundayPhot

  5. Ahh! How lovely! Dinky looks so excited. Bless her!
    It sounds like they had a fun time x

  6. She looks so happy and I like how she's holding on dearly to her snowball. We hardly had any snow, unfortunately.


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