Saturday, 27 January 2018

Project 365 week 4

The  socialisation with the dog continues. I am writing up a progress report as we go, will share another post in a few weeks, might not be of much interest to other people but a good diary for us to look back on. I see little bits of progress every day.


First day back at work, nice to be back I have to say. Looking for new things to try and have seen #zenart on instagram. So gave it a try. Have to say did not do overly well at it despite printing off step by step guilds on Pinterest. May have another try at some point.


Trying different ways to socialise Dixie and so we wandered down to DD1 again once the three wee ones were in bed. She is definitely more relaxed in the house than she was. She was quite happy to be handed to Fifi and for me to walk towards Fifi and get stroked. But if I had hold of her and Fifi walked towards me the growling started again. But still a small step in the right direction.


Tonight I got DD1 to come up and come in the house. Our problem is we do not get many visitors but I still need a dog that will relax and be comfortable with people in. So we walked down the road to meet DD1 and for Dixie to say hello to her in the street and then DD1 held the lead and brought her into the house. Dixie had a few growls but was willing enough to take pieces of chicken from her. Dixis sat on her knee for 10 minutes while we all held a conversation and DD1 stroked her and talked to her and she was pretty relaxed and happy to stay on her knee. But when she put her down and Dixie went back to hubby she started barking again. She did venture over for more bits of chicken but with low growling. Might not sound good but a step in the right direction as far as I am concerned.

We had her out for a walk today, hubby was trying to get her interested in digging under rocks that he moved for her.


A win over on Instagram got delivered today. The haggis bites were to spicy for me but hubby enjoyed them and the mash and turnip ( which has milk and butter in). He is fussy about mash potatoes but said these were a good solid none mushy potato, great consistency and very tasty.

burns bites


Today we have got the small shed reassembled at the bottom of the garden. Had to get SIL1 to help hubby get the roof on as I was not risking messing the shoulder up again.

Burns Night, so yes we had haggis tatties and neeps. This is hubbys tea, ( hence the butter dolloped on the potatoes as in this house mashed potato is exactly that, mashed potato with nothing added)  his haggis of choice is McSweens, in our opinion the best make on the market. 'I had the McSween vegetarian haggis as it is less spicy than the real thing and a very nice eat. Have to add the dog would not eat the bit I left her.

McSween vegetarian haggis
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Dixie was lying in the sun chewing one of her denti stixs.


Got a Jury Citation as been picked to do jury duty, again, hated it the last time. I know other people have never been picked so why me a second time? Shame my sick line is not in place still. Most annoying thing about this is DD1 needs a babysitter for a family funeral that day and I cant look after them.


  1. Great photos, hope the juror duty isn't as bad as you think #365

  2. Glad Dixie is slowly getting there, must be nice to have a four legged companion again. Good to here you are back at work too. I love Haggis, totally forgot Burns night though! #365

  3. Well done on your Instagram win! The haggis dinner looks very tasty. I didn't cook haggis this year for Burns night, as my husband was out for dinner, and the boys are not big fans of haggis. Glad Dixie is getting more relaxed with visitos.

  4. It's lovely to read about Dixie, it sounds like she's making brilliant progress. Glad you're back at work at last, that must be a real relief. Sorry to hear you've got jury duty again. I must say it's something I've always wanted to do, but never have.

  5. The zenart looks interesting...I've never heard of that before.
    It sounds like things are going well with Dixie.
    Well done on your Instagram win! I love the Irn Bru was included. hehehe
    I have never been chosen for Jury service but would love to be. x

  6. Oh no what awful luck with the jury duty. I hope you get a quick case. What exactly is zenart? Sounds nice! #365

  7. Glad Dixie is settling in. I got picked for jury duty a year ago & didn’t like it. Funny it’s those who aren’t keen that get picked. Hope work is going ok x

  8. It sounds all very promising with Dixie. I've never ever tried haggis but I wouldn't mind trying the veggie version. I've never been picked for jury duty but I hear it can be quite intense so I hope you get off lightly x

  9. Well done on your win and getting back to work. I always wanted to do jury service when I was working full time as my employer would have paid my wages and it would have been something different. Now it would be a pain in the neck and I would be cursing. Hope it's not too bad.

  10. Sounds like you're making great steps with Dixie and she's settling in well

  11. Sounds like you are doing a great job with your new dog! I would find jury service annoying as well - especially a second time! #365

  12. It sounds like you're making progress with Dixie. Fingers crossed. I miss McSweens veggie haggis, something that I can't get here and it was a favorite comfort meal for us when we lived in Scotland! I'm a bit jealous :)

  13. Well done on the instagram win! I haven't been picked for jury duty yet and hoping I am not for a long time! Sounds like you are making good progress with Dixie!

  14. Glad Dixie is settling in, it must be difficult for her getting used to all these different people and places, Merrie is still very hit and miss when we take her for a walk, some dogs she will happily go up to, others she won't go near!

  15. I have never been done jury service as the one time I was picked was while I was at university so couldn't leave my studies. Hope it isn't too bad for you. #project365


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