Thursday, 16 May 2019

Getting prepared to go out and about in the Summer

Scotland is well renowned for four seasons in one day as far as the weather is concerned but regardless I am still trying to add to my #Walk1000 miles every day. So with this in mind I have been updating my Summer wardrobe with some very reasonably priced new clothes. The sun has come and gone, we have had hot days, warm days and more snow this month, but each day needs to be appreciated for what it is.

I am not a sun worshipper at all and for me the ideal weather is a dry, sunny wind free 4 or 5 oC. I love nothing more than a winter stroll on the beach with a hat and a jacket on. I can tolerate temperatures up to about 16 or 17 oC but much warmer than that and I am uncomfortable, time it reaches 20+ I just stay in. For allergy reasons I cannot wear sun screen, the sun causes me issues and I am not built for it.

I tend to do two different types of walking. Beaches and pavements and off road stuff in woods and along country paths. The beaches and pavements are easy enough to deal with, the off road stuff not so much so. Not the first time I have ended up in A&E because I have been bitten or stung, or brushed against a plant that my skin did not like that causes a massive reaction, but I now just dress appropriately for the areas I am walking in.

With this in mind I got myself some new clothes for the beach and pavement walking that is also ideal for on the bike. As I say I am not a heat worshippers so I tend to wear longer baggy t-shirts as they cover more but help to keep me cool. I have also invested in some good quality trainer socks as I hate to see socks with shorts, but I also find my feet get rather sore if I leave them bare. If I am going to be walking or cycling a distance I like to be comfortable.

So first off I have got myself a nice pair of Summer shorts. They have a great range in shorts with various colours and materials, all at very reasonable prices and great for home or abroad.
The perfect pair to flash those pins in this summer, these knee-length peach denim shorts are the perfect summer staple you need. With an elasticated waistband for all day comfort, front and back pockets and rolled-up hems, style with sandals and a cami vest to complete the look.
Inside leg 10in/25cm.

sitting comfortably in the garden. 

As you can see the rolled up hem is not stitched in so you can have them without the roll up. These shorts as so so comfortable. A very stretchy material, that also clings so no keep pulling them up. A pocket big enough to take my phone and a set of car keys so what more does a girl want? 

I teamed these up with a couple  a couple of bright boyfriend  t-shirts to go with them. The blue one coordinates well with my own shorts from a few years back that still get worn regularly.
Perfect your casual style all year round with this pack of two boyfriend T-shirts. This everyday winner with fixed turn-up cuffs and bum coverage completes any casual outfit and is the ultimate wardrobe staple. Pair this T-shirt with slim jeans and a statement belt for an on-trend and chic day look.
Length 29in/74cm.
Machine washable.

 I also liked the colour of the pink marl V neck tunic style t-shirts, a pack of two with a charcoal marl colour that again can be mixed and matched.  Again long and loose for comfort in the heat. The grey one is slightly lower cut than the pink one for some reason. I really like these because at 5ft 8 inches I often find ladies t shirts are to short for my liking and a lot of mine are men's t-shirts, not that that bothers me any, after all a t shirt is a t shirt.

the trainers and pink marl t shirt matched with my own shorts. 

These packs of 2 tunics are the perfect wardrobe essential for the season. The flattering V-neckline paired with the just below the bum length guarantees this two pack to be your go to item for the year.
Length 31in/79cm.
Machine washable.

These pair up nicely with these lovely light weight trainers . I am wearing them in both of these pictures. These come in two width fittings. I have found as I have got older my feet have got wider so these extra wide are lovely and comfortable when they are on, great to walk in as well as suitable for work. They  are a nice soft material with few seams to rub.

Shann Lace Up Trainers
Casual, comfortable and stylish. Embrace the athleisure trend with these trainers and wear them with anything - not just sportswear.
These are just what the doctor ordered for this type of walking. so easy to wear and being black go with pretty much anything and don't show every day stains like a more summery colour would, damp sand on a beach can be unforgiving to lighter colours.

I look forward to walking more of my miles in these lovely new clothes.

Disclaimer - I was sent the items of my choice in return for sharing them with you.


  1. It looks like you are all set for the summer!
    I like the sunshine but I don't like the heat that comes with it.
    I love the look of those shorts. They look very comfy. x

    1. they are amazingly comfortable, normally I buy elasticated waists as generally more comfortable but these are brilliant in their fit all round.


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