Saturday, 25 May 2019

Project 365 week 21

Still trying to be sensible and walking just short flat walks Apart from walking, working and knitting not been a very interesting week.


A weekend without over time, very unusual but probably for the best as I am suppose to be taking things easy. Yesterdays easy day was 13,168 steps with 273 active minutes, today slightly less with 9959 and only 30 active minutes but did a lot of little jobs today so a lot less walking involved.
Came home and finished sewing up Roo's cardigan. Think I may have to knit bigger for Christmas as think this one will fit her before that but that is not a problem, she can have it when the buttons are on.

Granddad had taken Bob to a try out archery afternoon and he managed to hit five out of 6 targets and won himself a ticket in the draw to win six free lessons. Granddad hit two.
Fifi dog sat while they were out and asked me if I would knit her a jumper like Ron gets in Harry Potter as her mum refuses to pay the price for one.


Talking of buttons, got hubby to get mine out the loft.

An evening stroll round the fishery after a day doing some knitting. Was a nice evening.


Picked up friend from in town and he came back and helped hubby to cut DD1's hedge. Dropped him back off and went for a walk along the river with the dog. The bushes are out and looking amazing.


Spent a chunk of the day knitting the fronts of a cardigan for Dinky. Converted a pattern I like off a blanket to fit the stitch count. Looks great so far. Think I will do a plain coloured back to go with it.
Friend was down helping hubby to finish off cut DD1's hedge Dropped him back off and took a walk along the old railway line.


Decided to have a lazy day, did not get showered and dressed till gone 11.
DD1 had had a rough night with Minky so I took Spud for a walk down to and round the fishery to look at the baby birds that are down there. We stopped and had a sweetie and a drink and wandered back up. This gave DD1 chance to get back to her bed for an hour. I really do not help out here as much as I should but I lead such a busy life with varying demands on my time.
Not sure if these and ducklings or goslings, more gosling coloured, which led me to ask the question why are baby swans not called swanlings?

Yes we went and voted. Not for the party I normally vote for as I do not like their plans for Brexit.

Took a run into the town after tea as when our friend had been here last night he left his phone behind, so we took it back to him, took him for a few bits and pieces of shopping and walked the dog along the beach while in the town.


A few blog posts written. Caught up with my #Walk1000miles post I wanted to do, up to 718.21 miles for the year as of today.
Did a bit of baking, a nice spicy sultana loaf, was going to make banana as well but somebody had eaten the bananas. Got four bags of sultanas for 5p a bag last night in the supermarket, took one down to DD1 when I sat with the kids while she dropped Bob off at gymnastics.


Had another twitter win this week. A choice of any pair of ladies summer sandals from DB wider fit shoes. So chose these ones. Adjustable on all three straps to fit my wider feet that seem to have spread quite a bit in the last few years. Real need to go back to entering more competitions but it is finding the time.
Between my replacement Hotter shoes, my win from Bounce and my blogging pair from SimplyBe as well as the Sketchers I bought myself I think I should be ok for shoes for a while.

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  1. Love the cardigan you knitted. You say you don't do enough for DD1, yet I'm always in awe of how much you do, especially as you work too! You're doing really well with your 1000 miles, even with walking a bit less at the moment. The shoes were a good win!

    1. I try my best with and for all the children and grandchildren.

  2. I am glad you are taking things a little easier!
    That cardigan is beautiful! It sounds like you have been really busy with the knitting!
    You are doing really well with the walking. I can see you reaching nearly 2000 by the end of the year!

    1. taking things easier has been hard but things are less painful so worth it

  3. Love the latest cardigan, Roo will look so cute in it. Yay to Bob for doing so well at archery! The lilac rhododendron is beautiful, I haven't seen it in this colour before.
    Well done to you for all the walking and also winning a pair of sandals.

    1. lilac appears to be the most common colour around here

  4. Well done on the sandal win! Between reviews and wins I don't buy much in the way of footwear either. I think you do quite a lot as a gran to be honest - I'd have loved that much help.

    1. I would have appreciated more help from both sets of parents as well to be honest but I was lucky to have a very amazing friend

  5. Can't believe your walking count and I laughed at 13k being a short walk day! I'm lucky to get 8k on a normal day not going out, let alone 13k

    1. I suppose it is all relative. I have failed miserably this week but stopping worrying about it.

  6. Aww that cardigan is lovely. So sweet. I think you do amazing, you do so much for all your kids. Way to go no the miles, that is incredible even with your health. I'm in awe xx

    1. The cardigan is rather cute. The miles are fun so not a chore.

  7. Great creation I am sure it will keep your little one snug #365

  8. Loving that cardigan! So cute.

    Well done on the archery.....pretty impressive hitting that many targets!

    Well done on the walking and fab win! They look comfortable!

  9. You are doing so fantastically with the walking! Goodness, that's a lot of buttons #project365

  10. Oh that cardigan is gorgeous it looks very intricate with the flower like pattern. Love how you have been asked to knit a Harry Potter jumper! Can't wait to see how it comes out. Sounds like you have done every well on the shoe front recently. Just as well with all ht miles you have been clocking up x


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