Friday, 24 May 2019

My miles with #Walk1000miles in April and May

I last did a post on this back at the end of March, at which time my mileage was sitting at 362.20. miles.
As of today I am sitting at 718.21, so slightly less mileage done (356) in this ten week period but not a big deal to worry about.

So where have I been since I last updated you?


The sun was shining and the beach was busy. 

out with a youth group cycling 

down the local woods in amongst the bluebells 

enjoying nature

trying to get the dog to get her feet wet. 

A visit to Dumfries House to pick up a few caches. 

the fountain in front of the main house. 

a statue in a part we have not found before 

wording on the statue

a frog at the fishery

a wood carving in Belleisle Park

along the river again 

The view from the Millenium Bridge Ayr

a nest on the ground 

sunset at the fishery 

a sunset through the tree at Irvine beach walk 

The wall garden at Belleisle park 

crossing the river down the local wood walk 


after the rain it can become muddy. 

taking a seat in Dundonald 
the sun might be out but sometimes the wind can be nippy on the sea front 

There are times when jackets are required. The hooded ones are handy to keep beasties out of the hair as I am susceptible to being bitten. The lighter weight ones are handy for on shore breezes as well as for layering up in the colder months. You can find these and other tops here. 

the beasties can be a nuisance when the sun starts to go down near the water. 

Nature is amazing, and one the highlights of doing the walking is watching the seasons change The leaves are well and truly out now. 

 just love the reflections on the water as well as the sun through the trees along the river. 

sun setting behind the hill as we walk back up to the village

even spotted the apple map car one day

This bench is along the beach front in Prestwick and is a monument to a local celebrity

the dog loves jumping on logs. 

Visits to the park with the grandchildren add to the mileage as well. A lot of the time i have to skip or hop or even run to keep up with their demands.   

going round and round

with her big sister on the other side. A month ago this big sister would not go on here at all.

heading off in different directions while the third one slides down the pole. 

We did some geocaching up at Loch Doon. Hubby likes their hot chocolate. 

looking up the loch from near the round house cafe. 

a bridge over the river on 

The castle can be seen in the back ground. The castle has been moved from its original position 

To prevent the castle being permanently submerged, it was partially disassembled and rebuilt on the adjacent mainland. A decision was made not to relocate the Tower House in order to present the earlier castle unencumbered.

hubby and dog mess about in the river 

The view from the castle window. 

The back of the hydro dam. 

a disused fort that use to be a children's adventure area. 

DD3, hubby and I as well as the dog of course took a trip to Castle Semple near Loch Winnoch and did some geocaching while we were there. 

Another walk up at Dumfries House. 

Even simple walks add to the miles. This is one of the granddaughters seeing the baby animals down at our local fishery. 

Spud with some goslings

and we also spotted ducklings and cygnets.

Have to wonder why cygnets are not called cygnets and not swanlings. 

The countryside round me is so lovely and I am pleased to be able to get out and enjoy it. 

This is a collaborative post, I was sent some items of clothing to incorporate in my post. But the mileage and photographs are all my own work. 

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