Saturday, 18 May 2019

Project 365 week 20


Another full day at work. Hubby dropped me off and pick up his friend to come and help with building a top for what is now the tattie patch, this was to keep the cats out of it. They also got the sheds all painted as well.

Had contacted Hotter the other week as I had heard nothing from them. Turns out they had not got my returned parcel. They asked me to provide the return reference and agreed to send me another pair out.


Got a phone call from the GP which had my heart in my mouth as they had said they would only phone if there was something to report, but luckily my chest xray came back showing nothing sinister. Reckons it is either pleurisy or bronchitis and I have to take it easy for a few weeks, and then go back if not happy and they will see what else they can do. Have to say was very relieved as Goggle is a bad idea with things like this. So heading that advice the walks have been thin on the ground this week but the knitting has benefited from sitting time.
A slow mile round the fishery.


We had looked at a plug into the car freezer box when we purchased this car last year as we have a very handy 12v socket in the boot. Have spotted a couple second hand but never got in quick enough, well tonight we did so we took a run to Dundonald to pick one up. So took a slow flat walk along the back path. Normally would do the five miles round the reservoir which is in parts quite hilly. but did just 1.25 instead. Picked up a cache we had not been able to find in the past.


This is the jumper I finished for sizing for Ziggy, just fits Spud who is head and shoulders taller than her so should fit by Christmas. It is quite a high percentage of cotton in with the wool so feels quite weird and I did not enjoy knitting with it, but like the colours and done a pattern on it and the overall finish is imp very nice.
Have a real first world problem, too many nice wools and patterns I am desperate to try but can't do them all first.


Sat in the house knitting all day. Made inroads into one for Roo this time. Last minute decision at 6pm to go for a walk, so took a run to Irvine and did 1.5 miles along the flat beach and back round the pond. Mainly flat but diverted off up one hill to get the dog away from the gorse bushes that is heaving with baby rabbits and worried she will end up stuck down a rabbit hole.
Was suppose to be out on a 5-6 mile cycle ride today but sadly decided wisely to cancel it.


Hubby was away doing DD1's garden for her and Bob came up to make pancakes. I introduced him to #PlanetChild and this led to conversations on how things have changed since I use to walk myself to school from as young as I can remember. How we use to stay with our grandparents during some of the school holidays despite both of them working as we were left to look after ourselves during the day, certainly led to us being a lot more mature than any of mine ever were.
I remembered it was Friday so went and looked after the three wee ones while DD1 went and picked Bob up from gymnastics. Took them to the park to run around for the hour. Dinky is getting a lot more adventurous than she use to be, not sure if that is because her little sister goes on everything or not.


SIL3's 30th birthday and various family and friends were meeting for a meal. Hubby decided it was not for him as he struggles to hear more than once conversation at a time, in all honesty he struggles to hear just one conversation!!! but Fifi and I went. Was a pleasant evening with good company. Met up with some of DD3's old school friends I have not seen in a long time.

Was very disappointed as they have changed their menu and taken off the dessert I can eat, apparently menu only changed on Tuesday,  and I was so looking forward to it. But I asked the lady about it and she said she would ask if there was the ingredients left to make it, and there was so they made it for me. Thank you Frankie and Benny's Ayr.

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  1. That was really good of Frankie & Benny's to make the dessert for you! Sorry to hear you have to take it easy for a while, but hopefully it will help you recover properly. It must be a relief to know it's nothing more serious.

    1. it is a huge relief, but I don't do sitting around if I can help it but needs must.

  2. Hotter shoes look stylish, hope they are comfy too. Glad to hear that the chest Xray didn't show anything sinister. The jumper looks lovely, I like the mix of wool and cotton. And how nice of Frankie & Benny's to make your favourite dessert for you. I don't like the menu changes. Eddie use to love one of their ice cream desserts, where you can sprinkle it with any variety of toppings, and they stopped making it, such a shame.

    1. yes menu changes are irritating, not sure why places do it as surely people go back for their favourite.

  3. I'm glad you got your shoes sorted. Those Hotter shoes are ever so comfy!
    I'm glad your chest xray showed nothing sinister. It must have been a weight off your shoulders.
    That jumper looks great!
    My girls and I have been watching Planet Child. It's so interesting. Things have change so much from when I was a kid.
    That was great of Frankie and Benny's to make a dessert for you. x

    1. #Planetchild makes for great conversations in a lot of ways. Bob said there was no way he would take the 3 wee ones to a London park and then across to the London Eye - his mum does not even let him go into the town alone on the bus.

  4. Sorry to hear you've not been well and your chest is impacting on you getting out and out about as much with your walks and cycling. We have a plug in cooler box for the car, couldn't l;ive without it in the Dubai heat to get our shopping home

  5. Glad you've got Hotter sorted and that the results aren't as bad as you might have feared. Well done on the cooler, Mum and Dad have one in Spain, they wouldn't be able to go shopping at this time of year without one #365

  6. I've not been to Frankie and Benny's for a long time. It's fantastic that they were able to make up the desired dessert you were looking forward to. #365

  7. Sorry to hear you are still not keeping great. I hope you get some answers soon. I am glad you got the dessert you were looking forward to xx

  8. Thats so great that they made you the dessert! Glad to hear that there is nothing too much to worry about and it sounds like you are doing a good job of not taking on too much. Although after starting this global challenge I am totally in awe of the miles you have clocked up. The jumper looks very pretty I really like the hem at the bottom x

  9. Glad Hotter sent out some new shoes!
    Fab news that the xrays didn't show anything sinister...hope you feel fully better soon.

    That was lovely of Frankie and Benny's to make the dessert

  10. Good to know the x-rays didn't show anything severe. I hope you feel better. I don't know alot of people who do knitting & it's great to know there's one more person who does it. That sweater looks great!
    I have a dog too and I have to worry about it chasing random animals and getting stuck too 😏
    I love trying out the swings and rides in the park!! Ur adbenturous grandchild looks adorable. Awesome, you got ur desert!! I hope SIL3 had a great birthday

  11. So glad that the doctor had good news and hope you are feeling better for taking it easy. How kind of the restaurant to be so helpful #project365


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