Tuesday 2 July 2019

Easy Changes To Make Your Home More Accessible

As you get older, it’s natural to find you’ve started to slow down, and tasks that used to be easy
are now more of a challenge than they once were. I have to pop on my glasses and wander over
to the window to add light to enable reading the smaller printing on packages and things.
I have to sit down now to tie up my shoe laces. These little things can be frustrating and upsetting,
but there are some easy changes that you can make around your home that can make it
more accessible,
without feeling like you’re living on a retirement ward. 

Adjustable Beds
A good night’s sleep is an essential part of your health and the right bed can help you achieve that.
 If you find getting in and out of bed is the most tiring part of your day, you could
try an adjustable bed. The bed can be raised or lowered to help you get into the ideal
position to swing your legs on or off the mattress with minimal difficulty. You can also
adjust them to help you find a comfortable sleeping position with a bad back. 

Recliner Chairs
Make sure you’re using a chair that encourages correct posture. The ideal chair has a high
back that supports your shoulders, back and neck. You should find your spine naturally stays
in a comfortable, neutral position without sleeping. Choose a chair that is a good height for
getting out of. Make sure it has arms, as this helps for pushing up to get out of the chair
without falling. I love my recliner chair, especially for my afternoon Nana Nap as well as for
sleeping in when I am having issues with my asthma, much easier to breath sitting

A recliner can be adjusted to suit your posture needs, without adding more pressure onto
painful areas. You can move the chair around to find the ideal position for your weight and
comfort needs too. You can even find sofas from the right mobility furniture company that
are adjustable too to add even more comfort to your living room without compromising on

Non-Slip Flooring
If you’re concerned about slips, trips or falls, think about the kind of flooring you have in your
home. Entrances can be the worst for accidents, so make sure flooring in entry ways is non-slip.
You can add scuffed surfaces to improve the grip for walking. 

Make sure any steps have a rail at a comfortable height for support as you move in
and out of your home. 

Age Proof The Kitchen
Make sure your kitchen is easy to use. Choose appliances with large, easy to read displays
to avoid mistakes and confusion. Cutlery and dishware with chunky handles is easier to grab
and grip if you’re finding that your hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. 

Add a high stool to sit on while you cook or prepare food, so you’re not getting tired out
standing at the counter or the oven. Make sure any hot water pipes are well insulated to
avoid burns in case of falls. 

Safe Bathrooms
The bathroom is a common place for household accidents, but you can make it safer.
Add non-slip flooring to the bathroom and any en-suites. A non-skid bath matt in the tub or
shower can also help prevent slipping. Add a handle to the edge of the bath to help you get
in and out without incident. 

A few small changes can make your home much easier and safer to enjoy, even in
your twilight years. 

This is a collaborative post.

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