Saturday 20 July 2019

Project 365 week 29


A double shift at work, took in my crocheting to finish off.
Yesterday when friends mum was down she said I could have a loan of her bike carrier while I have the bike, which means I can get out and about with it.
Tea tonight was cold pasta and veg with a dressing with chicken in breadcrumbs that I had made on Friday. I whizzed some wholemeal bread and seasonings in the food processor and dipped diced chicken into it and cooked in the oven.


Determined I am getting out on this bike as much as I can. Wanted to check that the bike and carrier were covered on my car insurance before I decided to carry it. So went out locally and did 10 miles. the sun was beginning to set by the time I came over the hill back into the village.


Picked up friend from in town as hubby had a few bits and pieces needing done in the shed. But that never happened as he fitted the bike rack and the bike and we headed off to Loch Doon. This gave me a chance to try the bike carrier on main roads, bypass and single track with passing places. I did 13.1 miles on the bike while they fished. Was nice to be able to appreciate the scenery as I normally drive this single track road so no chance for the driver to admire it.
Had one panicky moment as I had chained the bike to a railing and then lost the key.......but thankfully doubling back on the walk I did I found them again. Not quite sure what I would have done had I not found it again.


Time I got back from the town it was nearly 4pm time I did some shopping, picked hubby up from friends and got home. Sat down and fell asleep for ninety minutes. Time I roused myself and made tea it was gone 8pm and I could not be bothered going out on the bike. Which meant I was up till gone midnight and still awake at 2am.

Barely had time for crochet this week, but enjoying the cycling. This is the one I finished earlier on the week.


Caught up with housework. Had asked earlier in the week if anybody local had a light board we could try just to make sure the electrics on the car still worked. The tow ball is seized solid as I thought it might be easier to take that off instead of the bike carrier. So we wet to try out the light board and our electrics work, and the man had no use for it anymore so he gave it to us. Needed a bit of work,.hubby rewired it and make a number plate for it. If I was keeping the bike I would have ordered a new one.
I went and did 11 miles round the very hilly village, height gain of 842ft according to mapmywalk, it started to rain but time I got back my trousers had dried off.


Went into town to walk dog and for me to go for a cycle. Did another 10 miles. Have to say I am loving it. Not really sure if I should be going for speed rather than distance but just pottering along at a nice steady pace and enjoying the experience and the scenery..
Have put just over 50 miles on the bike this week.
The twins were away to a birthday party so when SIL had to go to work I went and sat with Fifi, Bob and Spud. Fifi had asked me a while ago to teach her to knit so today she had her first lesson. I played connect 4 with a 3 yr old who very excitedly shouts "I won" every time she put a counter in, it was hilarious to see the joy on her face.


These came yesterday. I won a pair of sandals a while back and the first time I went to wear them the whole sole fell off. So having sent them back these were the replacements.Lets hope these last a bit longer.

Massive thunderstorms and torrential rain overnight, it just about rattled the whole house it was that close. Love a good thunderstorm.

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  1. That looks like a very tasty meal. I love cold pasta.
    Well done with the bike riding. It sounds like you are really making the most of having it. My fella bought a bike today so now we all have one so we're hoping to get out and about. Such a beautiful sunset.
    I am not a fan of thunderstorms. We had the rain yesterday and today but they skies stayed quiet. Phew! x

  2. It sounds like you're really making the most of the bike. I think I would just ride along and enjoy it rather than trying to go fast too. Your pasta looks very tasty! Fingers crossed that the new sandals last longer than their predecessors.

  3. I love a good thunderstorm too. That's good going on the bike. I need to track mine down to wherever the OH has put it on the farm, so I can go out with N, although I think he'll have more legs for distance than I will

  4. I'm glad you have been able to get a bike carrier and get a good amount of use out of the bike. Glad you managed to get replacement sandals.

  5. Well done on the cycling, with the scenery you have up there I think I'd be taking it steaady to and just enjoying the view. Love the sunset shot and gald you found the keys #365

  6. Those sandals look comfy!

    Oh wow lucky you managed to find the key to the bike! Sounds like you are managing to get a lot of use out of the bike! Would love it if we as a family could all go out together on bikes but my eldest never learnt to ride one and wont learn now!

    The pasta looks good!

  7. Those do look like lovely sandals. I seem to live in mine so much so I have Zebra feet #365

  8. Glad you're enjoying the cycling, do you think you'll be investing in one of your own any time soon? I've never thought about insurance with having a bike rack on board, good thinking

  9. That looks like a very tasty meal. I do enjoy cold pasta. Way to go on the bike riding That is fab x

  10. Wow sounds like you are having a great time on the bike, glad you have found a way of transporting it. Good they swapped out the sandals for you, its not good the whole sole fell off. Love the crochet. x

  11. I find it so tricky to buy shoes as they are usually too uncomfortable to walk very far. I have to find 2 new pairs as I ruined 2 on holiday with all the rain and climbing (I blame Scotland :) )! #project365


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