Tuesday 23 July 2019

How To Dress For A Date In Later Life

People are living longer and longer, with studies telling us that somebody born in 2016 is likely to live
7 years longer than a person born in 1981. Being over 60 isn't a sentence for being infirm and out of
the dating game anymore. More and more people are finding love later in life, and quite rightly too
, because everybody deserves love whatever their age. 

If you're in later life and you're going to start dating again, as you likely know, what is inside is what
really counts. However, first impressions are still important in dating and statistics say that people
make first impressions before you even speak. 

It is easy enough to say nobody should be judgemental, but our brains are wired to make
first impressions for safety, for decisions about social standing within a community, and for, well,
mating purposes. How we dress also has a significant impact on how we feel so, it makes sense
to dress for confidence in a dating environment for those reasons too. 
To help you feel fantastic about how you look as an over 60's dater, take a look at these handy tips:

Join The BOPO Tribe

Don't worry, it isn't some sort of cult, in fact, it actually puts the focus solely on you as an individual
. BOPO is short for body positivity and the idea is, you embrace who you are as you are right now.
Your body deserves love and respect right now however it looks. Feeling this way about yourself is
the very first step to dressing well for a date. The best thing you can wear on a date is true
confidence. Please take a look at http://www.bodyposipanda.com/ to read lots about body
confidence from BOPO expert Meghan who may be plenty younger than 60, but the message
remains the same and applies to all of us. 

Make The Effort With The Little Details

Often it isn't about what we wear, but rather, the effort with the little details. Having neat and tidy hair,
smelling nice, cleaning your shoes, shaving, it all makes a difference. Being well-groomed lets your
date know you take care of yourself, and you've made the effort for them, which is very attractive.

Have A Good Support System In Place

Although we do believe good friends can be the perfect support when you're dating, in this instance,
we are talking about your underwear! Having underwear that makes you feel fantastic can make all
the difference to how you hold yourself, and how your outfit looks. Even the most gorgeous dress
can look frumpy with an ill-fitting bra or an obvious underwear line.
Did you know a third of women in the UK wear the wrong bra size? Go shopping, get measured
and get that first layer in great shape. 

Go With What You Know Suits You

By now, you should have a great idea of what suits you and what doesn't. Go for your tried and
tested smart/ casual outfit that makes you look and feel great. There's no need to experiment with
new styles on a first date, you should simply be putting your best foot forward. 

Showcase Your Best Features

If your eyes are your best feature, maybe your outfit colour could make your eyes pop. If you have a
great waistline, choose something fitted, Maybe you've worked hard to be athletic in later life, in
which case, get those toned arms out! There is nothing wrong in drawing attention to the features
you've come to love. 

Dress For Your Age

OK, the term is a little bit nauseating, but hear us out. If you turn up wearing tie-dye and your loudest
outfit, you're going to distract from your personality. You don't want your clothes to overshadow who
you are. There is nothing wrong with being yourself and if you love bright colours and band t-shirts
that is great, but if you don't usually wear them all the time, don't wear them on a first date. You don't
need to make big statements with what you wear, you only need to look and feel your best and if that
isn't usually very loud clothes, don't make your first date with somebody the time to experiment. 

Simplicity Is Key

When it comes to home decor, simplicity is key. We work with natural and neutral tones, then add
some patterned or bright highlights. You can use the same process for dressing for a date. A great
pair of jeans, a well-fitted top and some nice shoes are a fantastic base to then add perhaps a

Dress For The Date 

Be mindful of what you are doing on the date to avoid feeling uncomfortable. If you're going horse
riding for example, don't wear a big thick shirt that is likely to result in sweat marks and a flushed
face. If you're going out in the evening in winter, don't wear your thinnest jacket. In most instances,
stretchy layers work the best as you can take off, or add as you need to. 

Don’t waste so much time worrying about your skin or your weight. Develop what you do, what you put your hands on in the world. - Meryl Streep

Over 60's dating can be wonderful, and eventually with any luck, will lead to companionship and true
romance. How you dress does matter, but only as a vehicle to you feeling your best, making the
best impression and feeling as comfortable as possible on the date. The chemistry, the conversation,
the fun - that all comes when there is a connection, and that is the truly exciting part of dating we're
all hoping for.

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