Sunday, 4 August 2019

Project 365 week 31

Normally write up my post day by day, never usually leave it more than two days but as I have been out the house for hours most days then this has not been done, so struggled to remember which days were which, just as well the data is attached to photographs!!


Another stay at home day with my feet up. Finished off Minkys gilet and knitted a couple of mini bears and some bonding squares for SCBU.
Hubby went in to see friend, the dog got her walk then they went to the car boot and the dog got another walk before he came home. A peaceful day here.

Hubby reckons it is Josephs coat of many colours


Was a good girl again and sat with my foot up until tea time, Could feel the antibiotics were working but leg still aching like hell. sort of like toothache gnawing at the bone. We had been gifted tickets to go to Zippos circus for tonight so I took some painkillers and went along. Took the twins and the wee girls next door as Spud would never have lasted till gone 10 time we got back home, You can read my post here if you wish to. Was a great night, fast paced, interesting and had the kids hooked from start to finish.

tucking into the candy floss


Another hot fairly quiet day. Hubby went into see friend during the day. In the evening we took the bike to Newmilns where I did some cycling and hubby walked the dog. This is a good way to do it as I leave him with the car keys and get him to pick me up where ever. I just go off exploring pathways and got picked up 15.5 miles later. A Mc;D's for tea on the way past the restaurant.

Loudoun Hill from one of the back roads in Darvel. 


An uneventful day, that uneventful I cannot even remember what we did apart from walk the dog and stock up the freezer with chicken. Hubby had been into friends for a few hours. We had a lovely day weather wise where we were, no more than 10 miles from home but as we approached home it started to rain, massive heavy rain that even with the wipers on extra fast could barely keep the windscreen clear. So 30 mph along the bypass it was.

Think the only pictures I took all day were off a little visitor who wandered in when door was open. Quite happily explored the house.

hello cat says Dixie


Decided to take the bike somewhere different. So we went and picked up friend and headed off to Eglington Park in Kilwinning. I cycled 5 miles round the park and then decided to leave the park and go exploring. Got hubby to pick me back up at friends house and did 25.5 miles getting there. Ended up with minor sunburn on my arms.


one of the ponds n Shewalton woods 


Decided to have a day off the bike after yesterday and with plans for it for tomorrow.
Did some blogging and entered a few competitions and did some knitting. Hubby had been down to friends and he came back here and the two of them went and cut the grass and hedge for DD1.
My triennial mammogram in the afternoon and a walk with the dog.

Not a very good picture but none of them came out well for some reason. There are masses of butterflies around, these purple flowers all round us were jumping with them.

butterflies on the flowers 


Had booked this weekend off work for an event that was happening locally but decided as I had the bike and a weekend off and DD3 has got her bike back on the road that we would go somewhere together. We decided on Cumbrae. Took the train to Largs, as cheap as fuel costs and the ferry across. We had a great day, and lets just say in true Livingstone style it wasn't without event. Will do a blog post on it sometime soon. 19.5 miles on the bikes and another couple walking round Millport. Was a long day but lots of fun, one we won't forget in a  long time.

Crocodile Rock in Millport, was never without tourist so had to get people on it 

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  1. Glad you're enjoying all the bike rides, l I've really been out of touch being in Australia, how's your bite doing? I've also not been writing my post daily the past two weeks and relying on photos to work what I've done and when

    1. yes it is harder to do looking back on a week. Bite is healing up ok, swelling and pain all gone and antibiotics finished.

  2. You did well to rest your leg as much as you did. I thought you'd be up and about. Good girl. hehehe
    It sounds like a great trip to the circus.
    We are really enjoying going for bike rides too. We just head off and when we start getting tired stop for a break and then head back.
    It sounds like a wonderful day out yesterday x

    1. resting the leg had to be done because a) it was too sore to walk on and use and b) not prepared to take the risk of spreading infection round my body. was rather bored time Monday evening came I have to admit, hate being inactive.

  3. It sounds like you're really making the most of the bike. I'm intrigued to know what happened when you went out with DD3!

    1. hoping to get the bike to over 200 miles but will be weather dependant, not a good idea to cycle on 60 mph country roads in torrential rain

  4. Hope the leg's showing some improvement. Impressive cycling stats given your leg's not the best. That's a lake surely? not a pond. Looks lovely though.

    1. yes I suppose it could class as a lake. I call them all ponds unless they are big enough to be Lochs.

  5. Well done on all the cycling, looks like you've been relly doing well with it. #365

    1. it has been a load of fun. Shame we can only have the loan once.

  6. Love the gillet! And how cute that Dixie and the cat seem to be getting on

    Well done on the cycling...looks like you managed to do a lot!

    We have been Zippo's before and loved it. Hope to go again one day.

  7. I am glad you're enjoying those bike rides. I hope you get to have another one. How are you keeping? We love Zippos circus too xx


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