Saturday 14 December 2019

Favourite Activities For Grandchildren

We all remember visiting our grandparents as children, and the extra treats and extra attention
was celebrated at the time. As we grow older we appreciate our grandparent's efforts,
even more, we then pass this down to our own grandchildren, we love watching the
grandchildren running around having fun, and their parents are always happy to take a
short break while the grandparents take charge. Quite often, taking charge does mean
extra sugar and later bedtimes, but this is what grandparents' houses are for.
The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren can really improve and enrich a child's life,
but what are some of the activities that grandchildren love to do the most when visiting
grandparents? Here are some ideas if you're looking for things to do when the grandchildren

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Looking through old photographs
It really is as simple as getting the photograph albums out when the grandchildren visit, you can't
go wrong with showing the grandkids what their parents look like as children, there will be plenty
of laughs, and plenty of exciting stories to be told that the children absolutely love to hear.
It's important to remember that even short stories and anecdotes are special to the
grandchildren, even the stories that you may not think you are very interesting, you will be
surprised. With modern technology, you might also be able to create a story books with
them and really add an element of interest to your old photographs.

Card games
Card games or something that we've all played before, and we all know various different games
to play that can be quite fun, you don't have to take out the complicated games, and you don't
need to play these games for long. However, just the act of teaching your grandchildren how to
play these games it's a great way to bond and enjoys time with them; if you are someone who
plays games like these regularly, then you will enjoy every second of this. Although quite often
many people rediscover a love for playing cards, after playing games with their grandchildren.
And of course, this is a simple way to entertain them without spending much money at all.

Playing in the garden
If you have a garden that you enjoy spending time in, then your grandchildren will love exploring
and having fun in the space. If your grandchildren are still small, you may need to childproof it to
an extent, but if you think carefully and plan ahead, then you will find that you can enjoy your
outdoor space in harmony, with a beautiful addition of your grandchildren's laughter and with
the help of hearing aids if needed. What better way to enjoy some fresh air than that?

At the end of the day, spending time with our loved ones is precious regardless. And you will find
children make their own entertainment quite often, so it's important not to put too much pressure
on yourself, and be kind to yourself as well. Letting the grandchildren make up games,
and asked questions about the world around them is ultimately an enjoyable experience anyway.

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  1. My grandsons love to look through old photos and hear me tell stories about them. I always have to find something else to distract them to get away from the photos if I get tired of looking at them. Card games are fun too!


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