Thursday 12 December 2019

How to child proof your garden

Your garden can be one of the best places for your children or grandchildren to explore nature, run off that extra bit of energy, and generally get some fresh air in their lungs and sunshine on their face (weather permitting!). Paddling pools and tents in the summer, hunting for bugs and wildlife, planting flowers and looking after a vegetable patch are all educational and fun activities that we can utilise our outdoor space to entertain our little ones. But how can we make sure that it is a safe and secure place for children to play?  A Builders Merchants based in and around Hertfordshire have provided the following advice to help.

Fix any damaged fences
Firstly it is very important that you have secure boundaries around the edge of your garden to stop children or pets escaping or unwanted guests coming in! Be sure to check your fence panels and garden gates regularly especially after harsh weather conditions such as wind or heavy rain!

Consider artificial grass
If your little ones take a tumble, artificial grass will be more forgiving than paving stones, gravel or decking. As well as saving any cuts and grazes it also looks fantastic with minimal maintenance and what’s more it can protect your home from any muddy footprints being spread throughout!

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Remove hazards
Before letting your children loose in the garden do a quick check over the garden to remove any hazards. Make sure you remove any sharp objects and furniture that can be climbed on (and fallen off!). It might be a good idea to dig out the thorn bushes and check the overhanging trees for any poisonous berries.

Garden tools
Keep all of your dangerous tools away from little fingers and toes by locking them away securely in a garden shed or garage!

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