Monday 16 December 2019

Helping Children with their Homework

I think in most house holds the word homework can have a little bit of a negative attitude towards homework, well from the children anyway! However it is proven to be a highly important part of school life and should be encouraged by parents, grandparents and all family members as much as possible. So how do we introduce a positive, more effective attitude towards extra learning and home work in our homes? A private sixth form in Hertfordshire has provided the following helpful advice to help us!

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Be involved
Children of all ages love one on one time with their parents or siblings, even those who pretend they are too cool for it! A little bit of extra attention when it comes to homework can make all the difference.  Try to take time to sit down and work through the more difficult questions with your child rather than leaving them to do it at the table alone. 

Make it less boring
It doesn’t all need to be text books, essays and note taking! How about an educational trip to a local museum, art gallery or zoo to change things up a bit? Invite a study buddy over and introduce some games, competitions and quizzes to make it more fun for your children and help to scrap the negative connotations to homework time.

Get organised
Try not to let your children leave it all to the last minute, short and sweet homework sessions every night is better than spending the whole of Sunday buried in school work. This will be more effective when it comes to absorbing information and retaining concentration at the same time as making it seem more manageable and less of a chore. When exam season is coming up create a study timetable to help your children keep on top of their revision. A dedicated study space with all of the equipment they need to complete their work will also help improve efficiency and remove unwanted distractions.

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  1. My youngest hates doing her homework. Even if I try to make it fun she just see's it taking time from her doing her own thing. Ugh! We always try to get it done as soon as she get's it to get it out of the way x


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