Friday 13 December 2019

The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Extra-curricular activities are proved to have endless positive benefits for people of all ages. However for children in particular they are highly recommended for the children’s personal  improvements as well as being able to list them on their applications for university or CVs when applying for a job. They can teach children socialization and team skills, improve stress management and have health benefits. Letting your child explore various positive hobbies can also help prevent them from partaking in negative activities or peer pressure that children can sometimes become involved in. 

I have teamed up with a Prep School in Somerset to find out more about the benefits of extra-curricular activities for children and why we should encourage our children or grandchildren to find hobbies or interests inside and outside of school.

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Confidence booster
Extra-curricular activities are a great way to boost your child’s self-confidence. This is because they gain new skills, explore a new environment and meet new people. What’s more they are doing something that they have a real interest in, the passion will shine through when they are talking to you and their friends about it.

Health benefits
Being involved in an extra-curricular club or group can help to improve mental and physical health. Many extracurricular activities are physical; such as team sports or dance programs. Activities that include physical activity not only help to keep children healthy, they can also help to clear the mind, relieve stress and focus on the task in hand.

Personal skills
When your child adds a new extra-curricular activity to their timetable, they will be taking on more responsibility and working on their time management skills. Teamwork is also a valuable skill to master in both childhood and adult life. It’s just as important in the boardroom as it is on an under 5’s football team.

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  1. My children were all involved in extra-curriculars. They definitely benefited from their participation. I used to wonder if I would ever finish driving them from one practice to another, but I did and now they are all out of the house.

    1. we often play taxi driver to grandchildren doing extra curricular as well. leaving the house at 5am to take one swimming on a dark cold raing winter morning is not fun but needed doing so we did it


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