Friday 13 December 2019

#WoTW Disappointed

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For those of you who follow me through my #365 posts you will know I have been off work sick. For this that don't follow me regularly I will give you a little background.

This started off in in the middle of September, with what they suspected was a food allergy. Caused swelling and simple pins and needles in my arm and hands. I had a few weeks off work with it and then went back to work, for one day, before it escalated into massive pain and inability to use my left arm. Massive pain is the understatement of the century.

I have the fortune of working for the NHS and so could very quickly refer to Occupational Health and through them into being seen by physio. So having tried painkillers, anti inflammatory tablets and nerve blockers from the GP I had reached desperation point as they were telling me they could do nothing else for me. I was put on the list for a neurology appointment which came up very quickly,
and they are organising an MRI and other tests.

 Fast forward to the end of November, though believe me six weeks of pain and no sleep did not go very fast, I got a steroid injection from physio, and thankfully for me it worked and I have now had ten days of being pain free.

So having gone back for another appointment yesterday with physio he said I could go back under certain conditions. This morning I had a meeting with my line manager, which we had agreed to delay from the original time of yesterday morning so we could have the most up to date information on which to base the decision.

Sadly the restrictions placed on me were such that it made my job impossible to do. I work as a domestic and I am not to push, pull, lift, carry or stretch so apart from emptying bins and carry the bags with my good arm then really not a lot I can do.

So today's decision by my line manager is to get a sick line for another four weeks and she will reassess me next year. I love my job, enjoy the company and the banter from both colleagues and customers and am missing not being at work. So to  say the least I am rather disappointed.

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  1. Oh no! I am gutted for you. I know how much your job means to you. I'm so sorry. On the upside I am glad you are still pain free. Sending love and hugs x

    1. yes hoping to stay pain free but my lovely physio guy has said if need be he can give me another. this one I should get 6-8 weeks out by which time the swelling should have gone done in theory

  2. Oh no! What an awful situation to be in, but you have to consider your health first and foremost. Thankfully the steroid injection worked, but you don't know how much worse you could become if you continued until they knew exactly what was wrong and how to treat you. Fingers crossed you continue to be pain free x


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