Saturday, 30 March 2013

Will I let you into a secret?

I will let you all into a secret, we have decide to move house this summer. We have been here four years come June but have the opportunity to move somewhere else, somewhere that has better long term security for us. Somewhere that I can paint a wall any colour I want, decorate the house to suit my personality, to

change a carpet if I feel like it, living in private renting can be so restrictive, I pay the rent but its never my house.

So the process has began, for any of you that follow my blog  regularly will know that I have put up some photographs of loft clearance. I say clearance in the broadest sense of the word. A lot of the boxes were put up four years ago when we moved in, well now they are coming down OH is opening them rooting through them, deciding that "one day we may need this", resealing the boxes and putting them to one side to move to a new loft.

We have been sorting through book cases, the last house we had was huge and we had ten book cases full of books. Wonderful sets of encyclopaedias, some of them forty years old, sets of Charles Dickens books, one huge bookcase taken up by my university books - why have one reference book when you can have ten? We acquired an e-reader earlier this month and so when daughter No3 was over the other day she was presented with dozens of books.

I have sorted out my knitting needles, wool and patterns. I use to love knitting but now it makes my wrists
sore. I have had many happy hours lost in the world of cross stitching, but now it places too much strain on my eyes - old age does not comes itself!! So I have sorted out these and will pass them on to a friend of mine who will give them a loving home and put them to good use.

We sorted out hundreds of CD's from weird and wonderful music tastes to encyclopaedias, toddler computer games that no longer run on modern day computers, many of these will never be used and so have been binned. All our years of photographs were scanned onto the computer and saved onto disc  a few years back these are being kept.

Next up was the wardrobes, suits that hubby has not worn for twenty years, jackets that just do not suit us any more, tops and skirts that are just not me any more. Clothes of the grandchildren's that are kept here so we have clean clothes to change them into if need be that they have out grown.  I decided that we should try selling clothes online and put the money towards taking the grandchildren out for a treat.

By starting sorting out this end now it will give us more time to be doing what needs done in the new house when we get the keys.

This is a sponsored post but the idea came about because we are moving.


  1. Good luck with the loft clearance - know what you mean about just moving boxes from one loft to the next.

  2. you also having a clear out? Good luck with the move in summer!


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